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Using the slow cook to make the Vietnamese beef stew (Bò Kho)  for tonight’s meal. Popped in beef brisket, potatoes, carrots, lemon grass, bay leaf, anise seeds, a can of coconut water and plain water. Set slow cook on low in the morning, come back and dinner is ready. This is the best kind of dinners.

Get Ready:IMG_6084

Start Cooking:IMG_6087

And EAT:IMG_6210

Used my insta pot to make this PHỞ GÀ (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup). With the insta pot, I first made the chicken broth using chicken bones with the 2 large drumsticks. About 30 mins later, I shredded the meat from the drumsticks. This version of Pho takes a lot less time to cook than the beef version, especially with the Insta Pot, but it still tastes amazing.


Need some hot soupy meal to warm the bodies – I went for Bun Rieu (Vietnamese Crab and Tomato Noodle Soup) from scratch. Made a big old pot so we will have it for tomorrow night as well! img_4869

This is what we had for meatless Monday! I got the idea from a recent visit to an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. A co-worker ordered the vegetarian spring rolls. I checked out the fillings of the roll and thought ‘hey, this would be perfect for Meatless Monday.’ Of course, the ones at the restaurant tasted better, but this wasn’t so bad either.img_4790img_4794img_4793

Going for vegan egg rolls and tofu, topped with rice vermicelli for our Meatless Monday dinner, perfect to cool down the heat. This is a simple take on the classic Vietnamese cooking.


In the height of Indian summer, I’m trying to stay away from the stove. Sandwiches came to mind! Because it’s meatless Monday today – I’ve made seared tofu banh mi. The boys don’t care for the picked radish, but they still finished the sandwich! I loved it, because I love everything made with tofu. I’d definitely try this again.

Looking back, this marks our first anniversary of having Meatless Mondays. We started this a year ago, and still going strong!


Special request for these Vietnamese rice rolls for lunch today. Just got up a tad bit early to roll them. I’ve prepared most of it last night – meat, vermicelli, and cucumbers – so it wasn’t so bad. I’ve made a couple more for Mr. Piggy and I.


Had hot pot this Sunday and whatever’s left (surprisingly it’s the beef) made it back to our table for dinner tonight. 2lbs of beef has turned into a two-day affair! No one ever turns away a piping hot bowl of pho.


Attempted these Vietnamese cake rolls (banh cuon) last night, and boy I didn’t know it was so much work. My sister and her husband used to make these to feed a whole village. Makes me appreciate them so much more. Theirs are definitely better than mine.

Actually, the whole process is not difficult, there are tips here and there to perfect it. For example, the batter, the time to cook the batter, the heating of the pan everything has to be precise. I’ll try again someday.



Something simple for yesterday’s dinner. Bought Bánh ướt (rice noodle sheets) and Chả lụa (Vietnamese pork roll) with cucumbers and bean sprouts and made my own fish sauce. Voila, quick and easy.