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While the boys are watching the Warriors playoff, I’m in the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner. I make Bánh cuốn (Vietnamese dish of rice batter crepes, filled with a savory meat filling) on a weekend because it really does take 2 hours to make (more or less). I prepped the filling earlier today. Rolling these takes tremendous patience. Normally, people roll these in an envelope style. However, I think rolling these up like so don’t seem so doughy, which I prefer. I’ve made these before and vow not to make it again. Same with this time, but after the meal, I’m already thinking what variation I can play with next time.IMG_2962


Growing up, whenever there’s a special occasion, we would have Vietnamese curry (cooked by my aunt, most of the time). I love Vietnamese curry, but only attempted a couple of times. It takes a lot of work and I can’t seem to get it right. Thank goodness for Youtube and Instant Pot, I found a simple but perfect recipe for it. Wow, the Instant pot worked wonders and eliminate half of the work. Tonight, we enjoyed the curry with french baguette.


Spring is finally here, on the warmer side. Today, we are doing wrapping Vietnamese spring rolls. This is a popular meal in our home. The kids make their own adding whatever they like, especially the fried spring roll skins. IMG_2361

Have you ordered a banh mi and wished you had more of this and less of that? Well, you won’t have this problem if you make it at home! I grilled some spicy pork (using spicy Korean marinade) and made some picked carrots (for the first time). IMG_2118Kinda weird we have a lunch item for dinner, huh? Yeah kinda…all because I had to run out for a basketball meeting, anything quick and easy…IMG_2126

Our meatless Monday meal with vegetarian imperial rolls and five spice tofu strips. IMG_0339

Made lunch and dinner at home today. It was such a beautiful day, we walked to our neighbor grocery store to pick up a few items. Instead of going out for lunch, we made burgers at home. I love that I get to add on whatever I’d like without the “extra charge.”


For dinner, I made Vietnamese beef stew (Bò Kho) with the instant pot. Instant pot is definitely a huge time saver on this meal. Earlier the day, I marinated the beef brisket. It took about an hour to get the tendons and beef tenderized: manual high pressure for 50 minutes and add the carrots for 7 minutes on high pressure. The aroma from the fragrant broth was absolutely amazing.  Glad I made a big pot, so we can have it lunch tomorrow!IMG_0224

The heat was still lingering when I did my grocery shopping for last night’s meal. So I thought of making a cold dish (spring rolls) for dinner. I then realized Ah Lo had basketball practice, so we didn’t have the luxury of sitting at dining table wrapping each roll. Instead, I put all the ingredients in a bowl with my homemade fish sauce, we were chomping down the meal in minutes! IMG_9770IMG_9778With the leftovers, I got up a little early this morning to make them spring rolls for lunch.IMG_9779IMG_9781

Now that summer is officially over (really?), the weather has been a bit gloomy. I made some chicken broth using the Instapot! Dinner is served in an hour or so.IMG_9551 Kids slurped down this hot bowl of chicken noodles in minutes, even drank the soup!IMG_9554

Hooray for the simple, yet delicious meatless Monday meal! Yippie for the tofu and the vegetarian egg rolls. Kudos to all the veggie sides!FullSizeRender 18

Been cranking some OT hours at work; therefore, not going to do much cooking tonight. Instead whip out the griddle to make some Goi Cuon Thit Heo Nuong (“rice paper with grilled meat”). This is a popular Vietnamese cold rice vermicelli wrapped in rice paper with grilled pork, fresh herbs like basil and mint, julienne cucumber and some greens). Pork belly is not the best kind of meat to use for these rolls, especially sliced so thinly. That’s what happens when you have Mr. Piggy do the grocery shopping. I asked him to get some sliced pork and he returned with these pork belly (thinly sliced). Oh well, can’t be too picky. IMG_8023

I sauteed some onions on the side to add some flavor. My cousin gave me some home grown organic herbs. My co-worker also gave me a whole bunch of fresh mints from her backyard. With the two kinds of fresh herbs, these rolls were just pure divine. IMG_8022

A simple yet delicious dinner. The best part – no cooking involved!IMG_8017