Another jam packed Saturday. First we have a 5k Run in the morning. When I signed up, somehow I thought it was 5k was ONE mile. I know?! Of course, got some lip service from my boys since one of them has a basketball game in the afternoon. Still, they were a a good sport and came out to run with me in the morning. IMG_2046-EDITEDAfter the race, we went home and took a short break and went off to Ah Lo’s basketball game. It was a nail biter since we won by one point! These games are a lot more interesting to watch now since Ah Lo has been improving. Way to go!

We had to part after the 1st game since Dai Bee has a piano recital in the evening and Ah Lo has another game. Mr. Piggy reported our team won the second game.


Dai Bee is off this week (inter-term break). At the very last minute, I scored a tour with the Engineering program @ Cal Berkeley. Dai Bee was a bit resistant initially, because he didn’t sleep last night and he thinks it’s too soon. I told him he could leave if he finds the tour boring.

So we got there on time, and followed the guide around. Good thing our guide was super energetic and knows a lot about the engineering program (though she’s a molecular bio major). Dai Bee followed her like a little duckling following the mother duck.  At the end of the tour, Dai Bee learned something he didn’t before going to the tour: 1) there are so many programs within the College of Engineering. 2) Better for students to go into engineering and transfer out vs. getting accepted and then apply to engineering major. 3)  After accepted, there’s an intro class students can take to learn about the different types of engineering to narrow down the interest. 4) It’s super hard to get in.

Before some say, ‘wow, so early?’, well, not really. This tour opened up more conversations, and got him to think what he needs to do from here. No, at the end of this tour, he’s still doesn’t know if this is something he wants to major in. At the same time, he’s pretty sure this is probably the path he’s headed to (STEM).



How about some soft pretzels for breakfast this morning? 3choices: sesame, salted and cheese.

For dinner – trying out a new recipe: Thai coconut chicken with pineapple salsa using Martha’s recipe. With the tartness of the pineapple and the sweetness of the coconut all mixed together, this turned out to be a big hit. It’s easy to make for a weeknight meal!IMG_2011IMG_2009

Didn’t realize Dai Bee has some sort of social anxiety…until yesterday….

Tonight we attended a preseason meeting for soccer referees. Since I didn’t have much information, I went to the meeting place with them. The place was packed with kids his age or younger. He knew a few of them (from his elementary/middle schools). After talking to the director, I met up with him, as he was in line to sign up. I noticed he was sweating like crazy (sure, given that place was a little warm). He kept asking me if he could leave. That was when I spotted a couple of kids (who went to same elementary/middle school with him). He kept his head down and totally looked uncomfortable. He walked all the way in the back of the room and stayed there the entire meeting.

When we left, he asked me how could I not noticed he has this kind of anxiety before?  I didn’t. What I also didn’t understand why he was nervous to (some) people he knew?! Yes, these are not people he hung out with, but still, not like he did anything bad to those people, why the fuss? Anyway, I guess I have to read up on this issue and find ways to help him overcome this anxiety.

Thanks to my sister for offering us some kale and radishes as an add ons to the butternut squash soup on our meatless Monday. I was only thinking of making soup for tonight, but decided later to add kale apple quinoa salad. I made my own honey mustard dressing to go with the salad. Dai Bee, who was hesitant about the salad, cleared out the bowl. IMG_E1945IMG_1944IMG_E1941

This weekend we drove to Sacramento for Ah Lo’s basketball game. The team played two games yesterday, and depending on the outcome, they would play championship or consolation today. This time around, even without the last couple of practices, our team stepped up their game. They held their heads up and fought hard. To me, as a parent, it was much more exciting to watch Ah Lo played his heart out. I’ve never seen him played the way he did the last two games. In all the games I’ve seen him played, it was obvious he’s not mentally there. However, in this tournament, he was on fire! He jumped for rebounds, made great passes, and helped the team off to championship. Because of so, he earned much more playing time on the court today.

After their two straight wins, the boys’ confidence was a bit shaken when they found out they are going against the best team in the bracket for championship. My sister and I spent the whole morning giving the boys (my nephew is also in the same team) a pep talk. We encouraged the boys the other team is not any better than them. If they played like the way they did yesterday, they have the same chance as any other team.

I must say this game was the most exciting game I’ve seen. To get off a great start, our team set the tone for their opponent by leading on the scoreboard. Though our team was in the lead most of the time, the scores were very tight the entire game. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. It got even more intense when both teams tied at the end of 4th quarter. Overtime, and then double overtime, both teams stayed focused and still tied. And then…the sudden death overtime, whichever team scores first, wins. That was totally a nail biter. The gym roared when one of our team players stole the ball and finished the game with a layup. For the very first time, the team experienced what was it like competing and winning the championship.

What an exciting and memorable play to watch. This was more than just a game. It was a confidence booster and a life lesson to take with them – never stop trying.

Believe and achieve, that’s all it takes. So proud of our team, and extremely proud of Ah Lo (scored 12 points)!


Yesterday was the 15th day of the CNY celebration, or known as lantern festival (元宵). Tangyuan is a traditional dessert people eat as it symbolizes family togetherness. They come with various stuffings, but I made the two that are more popular (peanut coconut and black sesame):

IMG_1933Of course, it’s cuter if they come in the shape of the dog (since this is year of the dog)! I made two different characters to differentiate the fillings.IMG_E1896


Here are the ones I made for the year of the rooster.

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}


Mr. Piggy is giving the boys auto mechanics lesson. We have tandem parking in the garage. When we don’t drive the car parked further in, battery just dies. So it’s good for the boys to know what to do when it happens. IMG_1950