Ah Lo’s basketball team is having a year-end party. It’s a potluck so I signed up to bring a pasta salad. This is what I brought.FullSizeRender 5


The boys will be performing a duet (Carol of the Bells) for the seniors at senior home and then for the family during Christmas. Dai Bee will be playing violin and Ah Lo on the piano. They have been working to finalize the piece. I can’t wait to hear it.FullSizeRender 4

With the help of instant pot, made this scrumptious chicken soup. I added snow fungus (雪耳) and red dates to add a bit of flavor. This will be the soup for the entire week. IMG_0776

Plan was to make pork chops today, but when your inlaws threw in fresh crab, you got a find a way to fit it in the meal somewhere. The boys enjoyed it so much they requested for another meal.IMG_0540

Ah Lo wanted mac and cheese for our meatless Monday, so mac and cheese we will have. He went “cheese” shopping with Mr. Piggy last night. He watched one youtube channel to see how it’s done using instant pot. And he did it (with little supervision). It was not too bad for the first time. I thought we will definitely have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Nope, all gone.

Glad that the boys can now make simple meals on their own. IMG_0530

Keeping up with traditions, we’re putting up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving! This tradition has passed on to the boys now. They recruited their cousins to come help since this may take a few hours. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” was playing on the radio, the perfect song for this activity!

Another day in the kitchen today, making a few dishes – this time for my side of the family.  As usual, we had a potluck, and everyone brought some delicious homemade food. This will probably the last time we’re ordering the turkey from KFC, folks are not too thrill about it. Anyway, here’s to another year of good health and great food!IMG_3436

For my inlaws, we had a small party, but so much food. Good thing we didn’t have turkey. Only one of Mr. Piggy’s cousin (who happens to be a vegetarian) came along with my inlaws. She brought her vegetarian (traditional) dishes and I made mine. We originally agreed just to make a little bit of everything, but got carried away. Glad everyone enjoyed the food. Tomorrow is another feast…IMG_0464IMG_20171123_180441

Getting ready for a road trip…IMG_0522

Every year, I get excited about making our Christmas cards. Though I’m sure most people will toss it after receiving them, I tend to spend a lot of time making it. Mainly because I get to be creative and pretend to be a designer! I am amazed with the powerful Photoshop, unfortunately, I don’t have use it very much. I taught myself bits and pieces and probably used 10% of its capacity. Since I don’t use it very often, I have to relearn it every year or pick up new skills.

This year, I’ve learned how to do a 3-D pop up photo, and thought this would be the perfect Christmas card. Both boys thought it was neat, but both reacted the same way – “what does this have to do with Christmas?” Ack…

Hopefully I will find the time later (work is picking up) to play with this – probably different picture with similar idea.