This is second and last week for Dai Bee, working as a TA at his summer camp where he was once a student. He seems to enjoy working with the teachers and gets along well with most people. He was assigned to an older class which means he didn’t have to do too much hand holding. His job mostly consists of cleaning up and washing dishes after class is over. Unfortunately, he can only work 2 weeks during the first session because he has another camps signed up starting next week. This is his first real job (besides being a piano teacher) so he gets a taste of what the real world is like…

Scarfed down this meatless Monday meal so that we can cheer for Game 5 of the NBA finals! Boys tried okra for the very first time and of course not a big fan, oh well, maybe try roasting it next time? Dai Bee loved the enoki mushrooms with the garlic onion sauce. Ah Lo tried it but avoided another bunch. Can’t get that guy to like any kind of mushrooms. Ugh…IMG_8007

Super excited to see the Warriors take the trophy! Go #Warriors!

With InstaPot I made some porridge using leftover rice. While waiting for the boys to get ready, I decided to fancy up the porridge. I saw these on an Instagram post once and replicate them.  The Korean anchovies are homemade and add some peanuts, now the porridge are ready to be eaten. FullSizeRender 10

Boys’ cousin, KK, is celebrating her birthday today at a rock climbing facility. She invited the boys to come along! Dai Bee was at his piano recital so he had to miss the climbing while Ah Lo got to enjoy some fun. IMG_7977

To the most creative, smart, happy, unselfish, 7 year old girl, keep dreaming big dreams! Happy Birthday!IMG_7979

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}


Sometimes you don’t need a special reason to have chocolate soufflé for dessert. It’s been awhile since I made it. So today, out of the blue, we just enjoyed the freshly made soufflé after dinner. IMG_7937

Finally came up with a list of things we want to accomplish this summer. Let’s see how many we can tackle.IMG_7945

Had a little scare today.

The night before I arranged with my sister to have my brother in law drive Ah Lo to summer camp. The plan was that Ah Lo would take the bus there today to meet up with them. However, the message was never conveyed to my brother-in-law.

This morning, Ah Lo took the bus himself (for the first time) to my sister’s house. When he didn’t call me after 10 minutes later, I called my brother-in-law to see if Ah Lo made it to his house. He was confused about my call. That moment when I realized my BIL was already at camp, but didn’t know Ah Lo’s whereabouts, my blood pressure just shot up the roof. I started panicking knowing he would be outside the house, probably just as nervous since he didn’t have a phone. With work emails to answer and calls coming in, I tried my best to keep my cool and find the solution to this problem.

Five minutes later, an phone call from any anonymous number came in. I normally don’t pick up phone calls with numbers I don’t recognize. This time I trusted my instinct, and sure enough it was Ah Lo. His voice cracked and told me about the situation. Immediately, I called my BIL and he went back to his house to pick up Ah Lo.

When all this is behind we discussed this situation and used this is as learning lesson for the boys. At the end of the day, nothing feels better than having the boys at home, safe and sound.

Made quiche for the very first time for our meatless Monday tonight, from scratch. This is a mushroom asparagus quiche. Wasn’t sure how the boys like it, especially Ah Lo since he’s not a fan of mushrooms. Not like he had the choice, he ate everything. Dai Bee gave me a thumbs up and ate as much as he could. IMG_7872

I didn’t have enough time to pre-bake the crust, so it came up a bit soggy. I never tried quiche before, so I am not sure if I have the right texture. Taste wise, I thought it was good. During dinner, we searched up what the word ‘quiche’ means and where this dish originated. I love how my boys are still curious about everything.IMG_7877

Boys are doing their 3rd triathlon today. Dai Bee was a bit hesitant at first, felt he wasn’t quite ready. He had the earlier time this year because of his age group. For some reason, both the boys are doing the same thing for their age groups this year: 200-yard swim, 6-mile bike, 1-1/4 mile run. Another one awaits in July!

TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: 44:34, with 2:06 and 1:23 transitioning times, respectively.Untitled

TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: 54:57, with 3:10 and 2:05 transitioning times, respectively.Untitled2

This time joining the fun is my 6-year old niece and 2-year old nephew! My niece has the fastest swim time and my nephew won the race for being the youngest (and cutest!) So proud of all these triathletes!