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Here’s the cake I was talking about! It’s all over internet and I’m hopping on the band wagon to make one for Dai Bee. This turned out beautifully and I got to share it with my side of the family.IMG_2940

On his actual day, we went out at his favorite restaurant. Yesterday, we had a small gathering at my mom’s house to enjoy this lovely cake. Today, he hung out with a couple of his friends, had dinner then watched a movie (Avengers: Infinity War). These birthdays are simple, and I don’t miss the days when I wreck my brain to come up with a (big) memorable party.


Dai Bee’s birthday is coming up. I found this trending cake on internet – number cake, and it’s the most beautiful cake. For the last few days, I went online and learn how to make this cake. These cakes look so amazing, but doesn’t require too much work. You need to make a tart crust and filled with dollops of cream. It’s so versatile, you can pretty much top with anything – fresh fruits, macarons, flowers, meringue kisses, candy and more. So I didn’t know what to do with it yet, I decided to make meringue cookies as a start.

Here we are.


Stay tune for the number cake!

Went on a baking frenzy this weekend. Because of Ah Lo’s tournament, the team wanted to run a concession stand. I volunteered to bake some cookies. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time, so I baked the cookies with store bought cookie dough (I know, boo). Besides baking 80+ cookies, I made quinoa salad for Mr. Piggy’s grandma, my mom and aunt (who never tried quinoa). Glad they all liked it, at least that’s what they reported.IMG_2670

Again, trying to perfect the pull apart bread (still can’t get parts to stay in place). The softness and fluffiness is there (which I’m super happy about because really, it’s all that matters). I even tried the 3-D baking (for some reason, had a lot of leftover dough left this time around). Obviously, that needs to a bit more work, but it was fun.

Today, we were at a baby shower. I didn’t have much time to decorate the cookies. A bit sloppy, but still happy to manage to get a few ones in.IMG_9791Made a gift card holder, just for fun.IMG_9796There was so much food at the party, I had to split a slice of cake with the boys because I was so stuffed. Can’t wait to meet the little one in November.IMG_9798

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.30.29 AM

Baked and decorated some sugar cookies this weekend in preparation for a graduation party coming up. I haven’t decorate in a while, it took a while and wasn’t my best batch. Oh well, I’m sure someone will eat these…IMG_7566

Countdown activity today is to bake cookies. We recruited an elf to help out with it.img_5181

Today turned out to be a very nice day as we gathered with our cousins from my mom’s side of the family. Sure, everyone is on FB, and through updates, we get a glimpse of each other lives here and there. It has been a long while since we really connect face to face. With everyone’s hectic schedules, it was wonderful to have everyone come to the picnic. I was happy to hear that some are willing to shuffle their schedules just to make it to this event! We all had a blast.

It was potluck, so everyone brought something to the table. I bought salmon and made these goodies for the kids.


This was taken 30+ years ago during Chinese New Year.


30+ years later, we’ve all grown up!


With the leftover cookie dough and frosting, I made more cookies!


It’s been awhile since we went to a baby shower. My sister didn’t want to have one, so we kept it low profile. Coincidentally, my sister-in-law is also expecting! I’ve asked to work on decorations and that’s right up my alley! Here I go…

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.40.52 PM

1. I cut out baby onesies on card stocks and hung them on strings (attached to the photo frame I had years ago). – $0.

2. Right next to this, I placed a frame asking guests to leave some words of wisdom for the parents, or the new baby. – $0.

3. Since I’m the type who likes to plan ahead, my boys and I have started painting the letters last week as part of the decorations (and their gifts for their new cousin). $9 (using my 50% coupon at Michael’s)

4. Behind these block letters are diaper boxes. As part of the fun, we asked guests to bring a box of diaper to be entered into a raffle. Again, planning ahead, I’ve asked those who plan to bring a box to drop off at my place instead. With this, I don’t have to get extra boxes. I wrapped them in white paper and painted the block letters (freehand). Note that I only painted the front side. Since I knew I was going to use animals to cover the top, I saved some work there. – $0.

5. Diaper cake – I made this diaper cake using diapers and baby swaddling blankets. Towers were from toilet paper rolls and paper towels. This was very fun and easy to make and attracted much attention to the table. – $16

The decoration costs less than $20 for the whole party ($6 for the flowers). The other items purchased and used were a part of the our gift to the baby which the parents can still use. This is how I like to throw parties.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.37.45 PM

We also asked guests to bring a onesie for the baby. The mother gets to decide which one she thinks it’s the cutest!


Food wasn’t my department at this party, since the hosts decided to order out, including dessert! But, my hands were itching to make cookies. So I did, not too many, a few just for fun. The center cookie was made by my friend, who’s a professional baker!