My sister found these from the farmer’s market this weekend and brought some over for us to try tonight.

Thanks to Google, we found that this fruit is called feijoa. According to wikipedia, this fruit is native to the highlands of southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, Uruguay, northern Argentina, and Colombia.


It is widely cultivated as a garden plant and fruiting tree. The flesh inside is very creamy and sweet. I loved it, will get the boys to try it. It’s great to try new food.


Watching the Warrior’s game tonight and want to have dinner ready before the game starts. These are nem nuong cuons which we I fell in love with when we were in LA and tried it at Brodard Vietnamese Restaurant. Tonight I attempt to make them, using nem nuong (Grilled Pork Sausages), cucumbers, lettuce and fried egg roll skin to add to the texture. This actually goes with a special sauce (which I have yet to learn to make). But for tonight, these are just not enough the feed the hungry mouths.Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.38.14 AM

Woke up early to make banana bread for the boys and the Girl. It’s one of their favorite item on the breakfast menu.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.23.17 AM

With the extra time before heading to music theory, the boys sat down to do some crafting (after their homework, of course!) Dai Bee had the experience with the hot glue gun before (when his friend was over for a History project). He was anxious to teach Ah Lo how to use it. It does get tricky. WE did a way lot more than using glue gun just to get ready for our Christmas countdown…

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.35.09 AM

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}.


Thursday nights are kind of tricky these days. I work solo with dropping off/picking up the boys at violin/art class and making dinner. Therefore, on Thursdays, I tried to either make it the night before or come up with a one pot wonder.

We had a potluck at work one day, and my boss brought his share – chili. It was so delicious I don’t think I ate anyone’s dish. No, I didn’t ask him for a recipe because I thought I’d never make it. I was wrong. Haha…The chilly nights this week made me searched online for simple chili recipes. I glanced through the recipes to get a general idea and came up with my own.

I used ground turkey (instead beef), 4 tomatoes (instead of canned ones), red and black beans (instead of canned beans, or kidney beans), green bell pepper, corn kernels, salt, pepper, cumin and chili powder. This was the first time, the Girl and the boys trying it. Dai Bee and the Girl loved it and went for seconds, while my picky Ah Lo barely finished his first bowl. Afterwards, everyone was all warmed up. We will be sure making this again in the very near future.


Last night was a bit chilly and hot pot came to mind. However, Dai Bee and Mr. Piggy are coming down with something. With everyone dipping into the soup to share the germs might not be the best idea. That’s how everyone ends up with a pot of beef sukiyaki just to himself/herself tonight!


Since I “thought” the boys wanted to have more practice on basketball, I was actively looking for different leagues. However, many teams are already full (most start from the same team at a young age, so the team continues with the same group of kids as they get older). Finally I got Ah Lo into one (with already 10 in the team). He has practices every Sunday mornings.

A friend also told me about this league who ties in with a bit of religious faith. I kept chasing down the athletic director for open spots. Finally,  I got a hold of him and signed up both boys (different teams). Practice happens on Friday nights which the boys were not happy about. They moan and groan about not letting them know in advance. They complain how Fridays are their “chill” days, and they don’t want to spend their Fridays, just that, “chilling.” First it was Ah Lo, and then Dai Bee went on and on why I didn’t ask them first before signing them up. Friday night came and we were at practice. The boys jumped right into practice and enjoyed it.

When the boys were young, we just bring them to age/skill appropriate activities in hopes to spark some interest. Now when they are older, that just don’t work anymore. I have to ask them first, which many times I do, but their answer depends on what they are doing at the moment or what mood they are in to decide the things they want to do or not. Often times, they simply reject anything before thinking through if they like it or not.

Here’s lesson I learned: I know it’s always counter-productive for the kids when they are forced to do something, even though sometimes you know they might end up liking it. Sometimes I find by forcing them (to a certain extent) they actually like the activity. How else is a kid going to know what interests them unless they’re given the opportunity to try it?

Today the truth is told.

Can’t believe we are still at it with our Meatless Monday menu. Why not? Dai Bee even suggested to do it twice a week, which was immediately shunned by the meat loving Girl.

Tonight we are having roasted potato, cauliflower and pesto gemelli with kale chips!


Today we stopped by the farmer’s market at Stonestown. I’m surprised to find many affordable produce and fruits. While shopping, it was also great to get a chance to learn about the seasonality and varieties of different fruits and vegetables from the farmers. Though I haven’t been to many farmer’s markets, but it seems like this is a decent sized with free parking! There’s music entertainment, good organic produce, a fair selection of hot foods, that’s what makes it a great farmer’s market!


With Mr. Piggy and my low-carb meals, it’s getting harder to juggle our lunch meal plans and the kids. This weekend, I started to make a large batch of vegetables and meat (chicken breast and shrimp) for the whole week.


Comes Monday morning, I will just toss in whatever in the lunch boxes and be ready to go. These can be pair with one another, or use as toppings, fillers, wraps, or in salads. I spent about 1-2 hours prepping and cooking, but this will sure save me the time and headache during the weekdays.



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