Homemade breakfast options – hard choice to choose from American or Asian style?



Putting sous vide to work again tonight all because steaks were on sale. I remembered back in the day, we only ate steak on special occasions, mostly on weekends. Now, we just eat it when it’s on sale. LOLIMG_2233IMG_2227

Looking at what we have in the fridge for tonight’s meatless Monday meal. Throw everything (onions, red bell peppers, five spiced tofu, mushrooms and eggs) on top of the egg noodles, dinner is ready to be served.IMG_E2222

Dai Bee made a special request for these scrumptious soft pretzels. Compared to the last batch I made, he suggested I add garlic salt this time. IMG_2156

Such a great feeling to see the dough rise! After rolling them in long ropes, twist them and dip them in water bath with baking soda and you’re good to go. Boys love them, and they’re as much fun to make as they are to eat!

Another great tournament for Ah Lo, his team came home with the trophy. The hard work is finally paying off. On the first game, they had a come back when they were down by 8 points. It was that kind of spirit that carried them to championship. Good job, boys! IMG_2202

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}


10 things currently happening or have happened so far in 2018.

  1. Dai Bee now tutors at an elementary school (near his HS) and his middle school. For the elementary school, he basically reviews kids’ homework. For the middle school, he tutors math in a small group of 6th graders. He finds it quite rewarding thus far.
  2. Dai Bee is also taking online class to become a soccer referee (a job he can do during weekends).
  3. On March 14, 2018, Dai Bee and Ah Lo’s schools participated in the National Walkout day protesting against gun violence.
  4. We are soliciting our next door neighbor to be the boys’ personal basketball coach. How cool is that?!
  5. Dai Bee checked out one college tour.
  6. Ah Lo has been to 3 orthodontist consultation, and we’re trying to squeeze one more just to be sure if extraction can be avoided.
  7. Signed up for 2 triathlons this summer.
  8. We completed our first 5k Run.
  9. So far, Dai Bee made $2k on his investments and Ah Lo doing just as well, but with one zero short.
  10. Still forcing the boys to try new food every week.

Have you ordered a banh mi and wished you had more of this and less of that? Well, you won’t have this problem if you make it at home! I grilled some spicy pork (using spicy Korean marinade) and made some picked carrots (for the first time). IMG_2118Kinda weird we have a lunch item for dinner, huh? Yeah kinda…all because I had to run out for a basketball meeting, anything quick and easy…IMG_2126

Doing mostly stir frying today as my oldest sister gave us some fresh vegetables – celery, cucumbers and green bell peppers. Everything so healthy here’s what I did with them:

1. stuffed bell peppers over garlic black beans (豆豉蒜蓉煎釀青椒) (first to go).

2. cucumber tomato shrimp (番茄蝦炒青瓜) and

3. celery with shredded lamb (香芹炒肥羊)


Trying out a new chili recipe with roasted sweet potatoes. There were some leftover couscous I tossed in as well. This pot is full of flavors – red onions, green bell peppers, corn, organic pinto beans (from TJ), fresh tomatoes, carrots, roasted sweet potatoes and couscous. I added some heat by sprinkling some chili peppers to it. Surprisingly, my picky eater said it wasn’t so bad. He finished the whole bowl without much complaints. IMG_2100