A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}



We took a mini vacation this weekend all because of this guy here:IMG_0089He’s a pop singer in HK, but renowned all across Asia. I know about 90% of his songs, and have followed him from the very beginning (30 years ago?) He is nicknamed Song of Gods for a reason. He is THAT good. I’ve never heard him sing live (well, I have, but like one song). 6-7 years ago, he toured in the west coast, but I didn’t get a chance to go watch (sad face). I was ecstatic to learn he was coming this weekend. We purchased (nosebleed) tickets but to my surprise, my sister got us some nice seats. Wow, it was like a dream come true for me to be there. I sang along with him, bouncing at times, butterflies in my stomach. It took me back in my college days. Felt amazing to be young all over again (even for 3 hours).

Thank you #jackycheungclassictour2018 to make a stop in the west coast with your spectacular crew. You are truly a world class superstar. IMG_0014

Today is Chinese New Year! Made nian gao (年糕) for my mom this year. This sweet treat is always a welcome sight around this time of year. Didn’t realize Dai Bee loves these too. I guess I have to make another batch sometime soon.

Wish everyone a healthy and prosperous year! 新年新開始,新希望。祝願大家一切順心如意。IMG_E1459

My non-traditional CNY red envelopes this year – Year of the Dog! These require much more work than the ones I did last year. Believe it or not, I started last November. How do I have so much time you ask? When you sit around waiting for music lessons, basketball practices, or when you watch TV, etc, you’ll notice you have plenty of time…IMG_1434IMG_E1488

Like previous years, Mr. Piggy and I don’t go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Especially today, where Ah Lo has piano make up lesson and Mr. Piggy has to resolve some tax issues with Dai Bee’s schools. So I just simple heart-shaped dumplings for dinner. IMG_1527IMG_1521IMG_1523

To all the lucky ones out there who found true love – Happy Valentine’s Day.IMG_1530

I’m so happy to discover this dish. In fact, never heard of the word succotash until I saw a picture of it online. I learned the word succotash is actually a Native American word meaning “boiled corn kernels.” This is a side dish that can go with pretty much anything.

Since we’ll be home late today (Ah Lo’s orthodontics consultation), I paired it with seafood (easiest and quickest to cook). I prepped (dicing mostly) most of the ingredients for my succotash yesterday – zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and steamed corn. Instead of using the traditional lima beans, I substitute it with edamame. Pan searing scallops is tricky because I’ve done it in the past when it came out rubbery. I took my time today and it turned out beautifully (taste and texture).  We still had plenty of time after dinner (to follow the Winter Olympics and cheer for Shaun White!)

Ah Lo has not been very happy camper with all my new recipes. He’ll still eat it, but won’t go for seconds (*wink*). Dai Bee on the other hand raved about most, if not all, the meals, especially this one. His words towards the succotash “I don’t like the vegetables cooked separately (besides corn), but somehow when they all come together, they seem to mix so perfectly. The best meal so far. Can you cook this again next week”IMG_1519IMG_1514


Kudos to Zoodles! With homemade avocado pesto – meatless Mondays just can’t get better than this. Absolutely scrumptious!IMG_1509 2I tried making zoodles before, but didn’t have the right tool for it.  This time I borrowed the “veggetti” from my sister to test it out. I had Dai Bee spiralize the zucchinis one day before. I used paper towel to wrap zoodles so it soaks up any liquid. Place them in the fridge.IMG_1492I came home and made the avocado pesto. This makes it a quick and easy weeknight meal. In a food processor, 2 medium sized avocados, handful of basil, lemon, garlic, pistachio nuts, and salt (to taste). Make sure to add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water before pulsing.IMG_1507



I felt like I spent so much time in the kitchen this weekend, either cooking or prepping for the week. I’m not complaining since I feel very productive! For dinner, I followed Martha Stewart’s one pot chicken with basmati rice recipe. Her recipe called for Swiss chard but I went for spinach instead. The rice came out a bit mushy since I wasn’t following her recipe, plus the excess water from the spinach didn’t help. LOL. Anyway, the taste was there. Will definitely try this again. IMG_E1498

Boys didn’t want to go out because one has HW and one has essay due. Mr. Piggy’s grandma gave us leftover chicken yesterday, so I decided to make quinoa salad with it. Why quinoa? Because I normally make a big batch for Mr. Piggy and I for lunch, so I made extra to throw into this salad. There, we are set for lunch for the week!

I added whatever is in my fridge – sweet peas, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. For the asparagus and sweet peas, I lightly stir fry it with garlic and olive oil. I minced ginger and green scallions and mix it with the shredded chicken. Toss everything in a big bowl and a pinch of healthy, lunch is ready.

Boys were moaning and groaning when they saw the quinoa, but ended up liking this refreshing salad. IMG_1475

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}