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Another quick and easy meal for our busy Wednesday night schedule – one with basketball practice and another violin lesson. FullSizeRender

Dinner will be quick tonight. We need to cheer on one of our nephews whose team is playing for the championship today. So I hastily put something together for our meatless Monday meal! Something that doesn’t require much cooking and here you are…img_5956img_5963

Again, on a night where there’s practice and fencing, a quick meal is all we can do. Love the homemade XO sauce comes in so handy. Makes the meal so much more flavorful.


Wontons are store bought to make this a quick weeknight dinner. With the basketball season going on, on top of their regular activities, weeknights are busier this time of year. Therefore, anything that’s simple and on the go will be our temporary fix for now…


With an additional sport (fencing) and a basketball league starting, the boys are busier than ever. I’ve recently checked in with them to see if they are ok with the activities, both are fine with it. The basketball league (CYO) for Dai Bee is very short, only a couple of months.

They are on the run during weeknights, so quick dinners are always helpful. They are not big fans of sandwiches, so it does require some work to make it them a bit interesting. Tonight is spicy pork, grilled onions and cucumbers with french baguette.   img_5003

Fish (tilapia) Tacos over mango salsa night! This light and flavorful taco filling turned out to be a huge hit in the family. It’s super easy to make.


When kids are not present, dinner in our crib is much simpler, at least we got rid of the carbs department.