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Have you ordered a banh mi and wished you had more of this and less of that? Well, you won’t have this problem if you make it at home! I grilled some spicy pork (using spicy Korean marinade) and made some picked carrots (for the first time). IMG_2118Kinda weird we have a lunch item for dinner, huh? Yeah kinda…all because I had to run out for a basketball meeting, anything quick and easy…IMG_2126


After a long road trip, this is the best way to detox. Plus, I normally get lazy after traveling. This will have to do for tonight.IMG_1805

Kudos to Zoodles! With homemade avocado pesto – meatless Mondays just can’t get better than this. Absolutely scrumptious!IMG_1509 2I tried making zoodles before, but didn’t have the right tool for it.  This time I borrowed the “veggetti” from my sister to test it out. I had Dai Bee spiralize the zucchinis one day before. I used paper towel to wrap zoodles so it soaks up any liquid. Place them in the fridge.IMG_1492I came home and made the avocado pesto. This makes it a quick and easy weeknight meal. In a food processor, 2 medium sized avocados, handful of basil, lemon, garlic, pistachio nuts, and salt (to taste). Make sure to add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water before pulsing.IMG_1507



Dinner can be this plain and simple when you are busy with work: eggs, oyster sauce lettuce, lightly salted spare ribs and pan fry sea bass. IMG_1214

Ah Lo wanted mac and cheese for our meatless Monday, so mac and cheese we will have. He went “cheese” shopping with Mr. Piggy last night. He watched one youtube channel to see how it’s done using instant pot. And he did it (with little supervision). It was not too bad for the first time. I thought we will definitely have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Nope, all gone.

Glad that the boys can now make simple meals on their own. IMG_0530

Our Wednesday nights are back to the basketball court with practices. So it’s more like eat-n-go kinda dinners. I prepped most of the ingredients last night. This fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf took about 30 minutes to cook (using bamboo steamer). I’ll will definitely make it again, especially in some of those chilly nights in winter!img_9966.jpg

This is simple, quick and economical, something that can easily satisfy our taco cravings on this fine sunny Tuesday. IMG_9610

Serving cauliflower and garlic soy sauce tofu on our meatless Monday. The boys will be making spaghetti tomorrow!


One of the goals this summer is to show/teach the boys how to cook.  They agreed to cook a meal at least once a week. We’re not doing anything fancy, just want to make sure they won’t starve when mama is not around.UntitledHere’s what we’re all enjoying tonight for dinner. I still need to supervise, but as long as they are willing to do this, we’ll keep going. COHR5640 (1)

Another simple and satisfying meal filled with the right combination of protein, Vitamin C, and fiber. IMG_8654