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This has got to be the most disorganized birthday party I’ve every thrown. March has been such a crazy week for us with tournaments and school activities, all our weekends are fully booked except today (the only day). Because of so, I realized there weren’t much availability for a birthday party. However, Ah Lo just wanted something small, hanging out with his friends. Again, the only day and time available was today. So I just sent out an email invitation to a handful of people which I wasn’t getting much response. Anyway, at the very last minute, I whipped up a simple hard copy invitation since I didn’t know most of the folks’ emails. Not knowing who he invited and clueless of who will show up (most didn’t even RSVP), I scrambled to buy some snacks, fruits and cupcakes in the morning of. I would loved to bake, but just couldn’t find the time.

Another stressful thing was I didn’t even reserve a site! We’ve been at that park a couple of times to fly the drone. It has always been a little quiet with light foot traffic. Since I didn’t even know who to call to make reservations, we just showed up and started marking our territory. Luckily we didn’t have any issues with anyone. We brought a whole bunch of games and just enough NERF guns to entertain the boys. The two hours just flew by and everyone had fun. Whew!

Planning is always a plus, but sometimes acting on spontaneity can bring surprises even if it’s messy at times. The cupcakes got crushed while we were moving the table to be in the shade. LOL. Weather was unbelievably cooperative today! What a big bonus. At the end of the day, Ah Lo got what he wanted (to spend time with his friends) and I couldn’t asked for a better party (not too bad for a last minute planning).

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.46.05 PM

Never been to a tea party but always thought about hosting one! Earlier the week I asked my middle school friends to see if they were up for a small gathering. This group of people are so hard to come together because of busy schedules. Surprisingly everyone could make it on this date and this time. So I bought some fresh flowers and decorated a tad bit to suit for this theme.


I made turkey sandwiches, baked banana bread and rose pastry for our little gathering. At the end, everyone thanked me for the party. However, it should be the other way around, I should be the one thanking them for giving me this chance to host a tea party, the friendship and the laughters.

Had a small fun gathering with my side of the family for a back to school party. The usual potluck where everyone brought a little of bit of this and that. Before the night ended, we asked each kid what they like to be when they grow up.

DSC_0836DSC_0842Of course a party has to end with something sweet.


Like previous years, parents got something for their kids before the school year starts. Ah Lo got a new lunch box (his old had that terrible smell, even after many washes). Dai Bee got his usual binder with inspirational quotes:


Received great news that one of Mr. Piggy’s cousin is getting married next year! Today our family is invited to their engagement dinner (more like a family gathering dinner). I really don’t know what they want, so I made a simple card and hand drew a cute couple for them. Of course, included in the card is a mani/pedicure gift certificate for the bride-to-be. Can’t wait for their big day!Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.24.06 AM

Normally we have Halloween party at my sister’s. This year so happens to fall on a Saturday, so I decided to host it. We decided to go with something simple for the night – pizza. However, those who know me know that I love to play with food. So I did a little bit more than just pizza. Right when I thought I jello’ed out, I made more! White ghostly cups were made from a almond jello and the candy corns were orange and lemon jello’s. If this is not enough of sweets, before the night hits, we were out get more sugar-high with our trick-or-treaters. Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.37.14 PM

Yes, ok, this isn’t much of a costume. My initial idea was to make m&m’s t-shirts to go with our pumpkins. So I bought the t-shirts ($2.50 each) of the m&m colors. The busy me said that was perfectly fine, but constantly fighting with the crafty me, arguing that would be too simple (inside my head).  So before I can do anything to change it, work got busy and time was running out. That left me with the candy themed costumes. Well, this has to do it for 2015, until next year…Happy Halloween!


My boys have painted for fun before and they really enjoyed it. Today I hosted a painting party for the younger nieces and nephews. It was purely for fun and another reason to hang out with the cousins. Because it was their first time painting for most of the little ones, I drew an outline for them before hand. They are painting their own zodiac. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Need to get a painting party for the adults soon.

Screen shot 2015-10-13 at 2.20.50 PMScreen shot 2015-10-13 at 2.53.44 PM

Came up with a perfect reason to have a small gathering with ma familia – we call it a back-to-school party. Yes, our summer for the kids have officially ended. They will return to school on this coming Monday. For food, I whip up some sesame garlic noodles, baked some wings, made some salad (and brussel sprouts) and carmelized onions over toasted bread.

I’ve asked my sisters to bring a little something/surprise gifts for their own children. After dinner, we passed out the gifts with a few words of encouragement to all the anxious little ones.


For C2, my sisters and I chipped in to get her some dorm necessities and extra cash.


For Ah Lo, I bought him some socks since he desperately needed them. Dai Bee and my younger niece each got a binder. I would find inspirational quotes online and combine them on an 8.5×11 sheet. This sheet goes in front of the binder as reminders and/or motivate them to strive harder when things don’t go their way. They both love having this and would read it throughout the year. Dai Bee still has his from last year (a different one from this year) and secretly tucked it inside his binder.

Looking forward to a great 2015-16 school year!

Quotes Quotes1

Yesterday was Dai Bee’s birthday, and he wanted to celebrate with family. So I invited my side of the family for a small gathering. I made something simple for the party – egg noodles, tofu, ginger chicken wings, and some greens.


For his birthday cake, I made the Japanese cotton cheesecake, topped it with whipping cream and berries.


This is mango mochi (芒果糯米糍) I made on the side for the very first time. I love mochi and I love mango, what a great combination.


It’s been awhile since we went to a baby shower. My sister didn’t want to have one, so we kept it low profile. Coincidentally, my sister-in-law is also expecting! I’ve asked to work on decorations and that’s right up my alley! Here I go…

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.40.52 PM

1. I cut out baby onesies on card stocks and hung them on strings (attached to the photo frame I had years ago). – $0.

2. Right next to this, I placed a frame asking guests to leave some words of wisdom for the parents, or the new baby. – $0.

3. Since I’m the type who likes to plan ahead, my boys and I have started painting the letters last week as part of the decorations (and their gifts for their new cousin). $9 (using my 50% coupon at Michael’s)

4. Behind these block letters are diaper boxes. As part of the fun, we asked guests to bring a box of diaper to be entered into a raffle. Again, planning ahead, I’ve asked those who plan to bring a box to drop off at my place instead. With this, I don’t have to get extra boxes. I wrapped them in white paper and painted the block letters (freehand). Note that I only painted the front side. Since I knew I was going to use animals to cover the top, I saved some work there. – $0.

5. Diaper cake – I made this diaper cake using diapers and baby swaddling blankets. Towers were from toilet paper rolls and paper towels. This was very fun and easy to make and attracted much attention to the table. – $16

The decoration costs less than $20 for the whole party ($6 for the flowers). The other items purchased and used were a part of the our gift to the baby which the parents can still use. This is how I like to throw parties.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.37.45 PM

We also asked guests to bring a onesie for the baby. The mother gets to decide which one she thinks it’s the cutest!


Food wasn’t my department at this party, since the hosts decided to order out, including dessert! But, my hands were itching to make cookies. So I did, not too many, a few just for fun. The center cookie was made by my friend, who’s a professional baker!


Ah Lo and I have been planning this party for weeks now. He gets very excited when we talk about it, especially during our morning walks to school. Who to invite, when is the party, what to do, how to do it. Today it’s finally here, but I was under the weather, and was not up for having a party with 15+ kids, outdoors, with not much adult supervision. Then again, I felt the need to stand strong since it would be a huge disappointment for Ah Lo if this party didn’t happen. I tried to make it as simple as possible. There was a little bump in the morning when it started to drizzle. Since this is an outdoor party, we started looking for Plan B – in our garage. Luckily, by the time when the party started, the sun came out!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.11.48 PM

1) For safety reasons, I ordered goggles for everyone and gave each as party favor as well. Bought them at Amazon (with the best/most comfortable reviews). With a white board, I made sure all the boys and girls read that “they agree to play nicely and fairly with everyone” before signing their name.

2) Having a NERF gun party at the playground has its good and bad. When we got there, there were only two teenagers. The good thing is that I set up the obstacle course using the playground without doing much work. They had to slide and climb and shoot (the balloons). However, as the playground got busy, we moved onto the baseball field (which didn’t offer too much shield for them to play). I felt bad when a parent at the park had to leave because we were overcrowding the park. He commented how it was wrong for us to have this at the playground. I totally understood his concern and wished I had the chance to apologize to him. We ended up at the field which the boys and girls had no problems.

3. This was practice target shoot my niece helped me with the night before, giving something for the kids to do during the first half hour.

4. With everything in place, let the war begin!