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Putting sous vide to work again tonight all because steaks were on sale. I remembered back in the day, we only ate steak on special occasions, mostly on weekends. Now, we just eat it when it’s on sale. LOLIMG_2233IMG_2227


Have you ordered a banh mi and wished you had more of this and less of that? Well, you won’t have this problem if you make it at home! I grilled some spicy pork (using spicy Korean marinade) and made some picked carrots (for the first time). IMG_2118Kinda weird we have a lunch item for dinner, huh? Yeah kinda…all because I had to run out for a basketball meeting, anything quick and easy…IMG_2126

Doing mostly stir frying today as my oldest sister gave us some fresh vegetables – celery, cucumbers and green bell peppers. Everything so healthy here’s what I did with them:

1. stuffed bell peppers over garlic black beans (豆豉蒜蓉煎釀青椒) (first to go).

2. cucumber tomato shrimp (番茄蝦炒青瓜) and

3. celery with shredded lamb (香芹炒肥羊)


Enjoying a chilled Sunday, prepping for lunches this week. Even got a chance to sneak away for a long overdue facial appointment. Thanks for instant pot again for making this pork bone broth. When I came home, spent about 10 minutes to assemble everything together. Dinner is ready…IMG_2091

For dinner – trying out a new recipe: Thai coconut chicken with pineapple salsa using Martha’s recipe. With the tartness of the pineapple and the sweetness of the coconut all mixed together, this turned out to be a big hit. It’s easy to make for a weeknight meal!IMG_2011IMG_2009

Thanks to my sister for offering us some kale and radishes as an add ons to the butternut squash soup on our meatless Monday. I was only thinking of making soup for tonight, but decided later to add kale apple quinoa salad. I made my own honey mustard dressing to go with the salad. Dai Bee, who was hesitant about the salad, cleared out the bowl. IMG_E1945IMG_1944IMG_E1941

It’s that kinda night…IMG_1881

These are the usual stuff our family likes to have for our hot pot. Mr. Piggy found a shop near his work place for the meat. They are so much more cheaper than where we normally get them. We’re trying it out for the first time.

My first attempt to make sesame honey beef, but didn’t turn out the way I was hoping for. Will try to get it right the next time…Of course the boys’ eyes lit up when they saw their favorite egg bean curd (玉子豆腐). IMG_1875

After a long road trip, this is the best way to detox. Plus, I normally get lazy after traveling. This will have to do for tonight.IMG_1805

Like previous years, Mr. Piggy and I don’t go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Especially today, where Ah Lo has piano make up lesson and Mr. Piggy has to resolve some tax issues with Dai Bee’s schools. So I just simple heart-shaped dumplings for dinner. IMG_1527IMG_1521IMG_1523

To all the lucky ones out there who found true love – Happy Valentine’s Day.IMG_1530