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A simple meal – make your own shrimp taco. Don’t think it gets any simpler than this.IMG_4276IMG_4272


Introducing the family a new grain today – farro. My sister suggested trying because it’s the new superfood for the health conscious people. She believes it’s better than quinoa because it has a nutty flavor with all the same nutrients. This one from TJ takes only 10 minutes, so it was quick and easy. I added some greens and grapes and it was delicious (at least for me, the salad fan). Pair it with wild cod, this was one of the easiest meal to make!

My older sister gave us a whole bunch of zucchinis. Of course, one of the best way to enjoy them is making zoodles! IMG_4066I think zoodles are best with avocado pesto! I substituted pine nuts with pistachios. Grilled some chicken thighs, it was divine!IMG_4150

Going for Korean tonight, with my two nieces and sister over for dinner. It seems a lot, but I made the side dishes a head of time, so technically, I’m only making the kimchi fried rice. I prepared the Soondubu (tofu stew) base over the weekend, so it didn’t take much time. HK’s step grandma was super nice to offer marinated the short ribs for me. I picked it up after work, and grilled it. This looks like a lot of work, but if you spread it out, yes, this can be a weeknight meal!IMG_7811

We also celebrated my niece’s birthday (tomorrow) with this number cake:IMG_7815

Saw this recipe at Better Home & Gardens Magazine and did a copy cat version, except, I left out the celery and added the greens.  The lime and parsley gave this a good twist. IT’s so simple to make for a weeknight meal!IMG_4015

Our meatless Monday meal is served with a big pile of pea sprouts. Ah Lo loves pea sprouts and often order it in restaurants. It is quite an expensive dish, when eating out. So today, when I saw these in the market, I bought 2 lbs. For sure I thought there would be some left, but everything was gone. IMG_4003

A busy and long day today – with Ah Lo playing 3 games today. So let’s load him up with some carbs with these yummy steamed green onion buns for breakfast. IMG_3960

After his 3 games (2-1), came home and whip up a quick dinner – chicken salad sandwich. Wonder why I was so tired when I got home (and I was just sitting down watching the games)?IMG_3979

Went easy on the spicy oil for this Sichuan dandan noodles, afraid the boys couldn’t handle it, so might have lost some of the actual flavor.IMG_3985I used to cheat and purchase the pre-made ones. Today, I spent a little more time to make my own sauce. I didn’t follow the recipe too precisely because I didn’t have all the ingredients. The boys loved it and had a few rounds.

Our lucky night fishing last night! Not because we caught any, but some of the fishermen there gave us some striped bass they caught! The stripers were huge! Of course, the fun part is catching it ourselves, but we were content that we didn’t have to come home empty ended. Mr. Piggy’s step-grandma helped us filet the fish (thank goodness for her – it was a lot of work!) Anyhow, kudos to the fishermen and grandma!IMG_3918

Saw the picture of this dish from a cookbook, but don’t quite remember the recipe. I made it up using similar ingredients – chicken with red onions and red bell peppers. This turns out beautifully and the boys loved it. Ah Lo, of course, didn’t care for the onions. He’s so lucky that I’m “forcing” him to try out different food.IMG_3801