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Mushroom rice for our meatless Monday meal. Too bad Ah Lo didn’t eat any of this scrumptious tasting rice because he doesn’t like mushrooms. Lucky for him, Dai Bee made fried rice for potluck the next day, so he got dinner. Otherwise, he’s on his own for this one.IMG_1281


A meatless Monday, having persimmon and corn salad with tomato soup (puff pastry), is all we need.IMG_0927

Meatless Monday meal…just greens and some lotus roots. IMG_0999

Our meatless Monday meal tonight with steamed enoki mushrooms over garlic soy sauce, stir fry bak choy, stir fry Chinese yam (淮山) with wood ear and another stir fry – celery with bean curd and bamboo shoots.IMG_0779

Our meatless Monday night – vegetarian dumplings (with tofu, chives, corn, carrots, wood ear as stuffings). The boys helped me wrap them last night which made this a quick and easy meal.

FullSizeRender 3IMG_0587IMG_0589

Our meatless Monday meal with vegetarian imperial rolls and five spice tofu strips. IMG_0339

Our meatless Monday meal…


Steaming the winter melon with diced five spiced tofu, carrots, mushrooms, lotus seeds and snow fungus.

Meatless Monday meal – mostly stir frying today: garlic bak choy, salt and pepper tofu and lotus root chunks with zucchini. IMG_0231

Meatless Monday meal – vegetable (purple yam, cauliflower, tofu, onions, carrots and potatoes) coconut curry with brown rice. Dai Bee agrees only this coconut curry makes the brown rice tastes so good. IMG_0138

Hot hot hot today, so I didn’t feel like slaving away in front of the stove. Instead, roasted some veggies (red peppers, eggplants and zucchini) for meatless Monday meal! The boys are not big fans of these particular vegetables. Just sandwich them with focaccia bread and mozzarella cheese, they ate it without much complaints.IMG_9961Also learned how to roast bell peppers today (thanks youtubers!). IMG_9956