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Can’t get any healthier with this meal! I roasted cauliflower steak (garlic powder, salt, pepper, and paprika) with organic soba noodles and a side of kale. The only complaint from my food critics was that I should have more cauliflower.img_7930


Adding a little bit of Christmassy to our meatless Monday meals. We had so much veggies, I thought for sure we won’t be able to finish it. Just happy my boys love vegetables. It makes my cooking so much easier. IMG_7314

This is a dish that the boys order every single time when we dine at a Thai restaurant. Doesn’t matter lunch or dinner, whether it’s listed on the menu or not, pad see ew, they call it as soon as they walk into a Thai place. As they grow older, one plate is never enough. They scarfed it down in minutes.

Today for our meatless Monday, I made (for the first time) pad see ew with tofu. They also finished it in record time!IMG_7192

Last weekend, we stopped by a Korean place. One of the many banchan offered to us was the zucchini pancakes. We kept asking for more because they were so good. I decided to give it a shot and made it for today’s Meatless Monday. Not sure if it tasted just like the restaurant, but pretty darn close. The boys loved it! Strangely, I couldn’t get them to eat zucchini by itself, but paired up with eggs and some sauce, they were clearing the plate left and right. Always great to try out new recipes.img_7075.jpg

Garlic noodles pair nicely with seafood, but I substituted tofu with scallops for our meatless Monday meal. Boys love it!IMG_6939

After gutting the pumpkins and extracted the seeds, half of the pumpkin turned into soup and the other half (pureed) will be used for baking. Don’t know what to do with the other pumpkin?

For our meatless Monday meal, we had pumpkin soup (with the seeds)! Added a few pomegranate seeds to give it a little kick, now the entire soup has a new flavor!IMG_6439IMG_6438

Ingredients for the soup (instant pot): 1 medium sized onion (caramelized), half of the pumpkin (cleaned thoroughly-because I painted ours, chopped, skin off, scraped out pulp), carrots, chicken broth. SOUP for 20 minutes. I used an immersion blender to cream everything together.

This has got to be the easiest and quickest meatless meal ever. Because I had to make something for Dai Bee’s school (staff appreciation), I thought of something quick and simple. Yes, I thought of baking the bread bowls, but time didn’t allow me to do so. So yes, they were from Boudin’s. Cream of corn is the good old can soup from Del Monte. This will just have to do it for tonight.

Whipping up a fun fried cauliflower rice (mixed with fried tofu squares, Chinese broccoli and mushrooms) for tonight’s meatless Monday meal. Threw in the (black cat) onigiri last minute since the boys would appreciate some carbs. IMG_6012

We all know that the only reason why we’re having tomato soup tonight just we want an excuse to have the grilled cheese sandwich. Not the healthiest meal, but it’s ok to indulge once in awhile.

Can’t think of a better way to welcome my favorite month (October) than to have a hearty bowl of squash soup, especially on our meatless Monday!

Truthfully, my sister gave me two acorn squash and some drumsticks. Mix them together, you get this! Dai Bee loved it and finished 3 bowls!IMG_5622Since I started making the soup yesterday, I had some free time to add a fun twist to it (adding the white bear) before it was served. img_5621.jpg