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Can’t think of a better way to welcome my favorite month (October) than to have a hearty bowl of squash soup, especially on our meatless Monday!

Truthfully, my sister gave me two acorn squash and some drumsticks. Mix them together, you get this! Dai Bee loved it and finished 3 bowls!IMG_5622Since I started making the soup yesterday, I had some free time to add a fun twist to it (adding the white bear) before it was served. img_5621.jpg


Today is one of the most celebrated Chinese Holiday – Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節). Normally we would welcome this day with a big feast. However, it so happens that today landed on a Monday, which is our meatless day. Here we are with our vegetarian meal. IMG_5530-1This is something for fun I want to add to the table – rabbits were cut outs from stems of napa cabbage. Lanterns are one mini red turnip.IMG_5527With leftovers from the red bean paste, I made more ice skin mooncakes. We enjoyed it for dessert. Unfortunately, the moon was hiding behind the big thick fog so we couldn’t see her beautiful shiny face tonight. Let’s hope she shows up tomorrow. IMG_5516

Our meatless Monday – a bowl of goodies with brown rice. Glad we had some leftovers (veggies) for my lunch the next day! This month marks our 4 years with this tradition with the meatless Monday. Hope there are many more years to come.

Meatless Monday meal was supposed to be this garlic heirloom quiche. It wasn’t fully cooked so we didn’t get to try it until the next day.IMG_5178

Today was also Ah Lo’s first day of school. A couple of days before school started, we found out about this class schedule. He’s been assigned to one of the worst teachers in school as his social studies teacher. He also requested for Spanish, but ended up with an elective he already took last year.

This morning, I went to school early to talk to his counselor, in hopes to get him a different teacher and get him a different elective. Apparently, the matrix of class assignment is tricky as the school pairs good teachers with the not-so-good. If he wants a good teacher for history, he will get a bad math teacher, etc.. Since his math teacher is someone we know to be a decent one, I didn’t request for any changes, except his elective. Hopefully, there will be good news soon.

Meatless Monday’s theme is green. Everything green: long green beans with porcini mushrooms, chayote, and spoon cabbage (青江菜). Need some detox after a week of carbs.IMG_4902.jpg

Our meatless Monday meal is served with a big pile of pea sprouts. Ah Lo loves pea sprouts and often order it in restaurants. It is quite an expensive dish, when eating out. So today, when I saw these in the market, I bought 2 lbs. For sure I thought there would be some left, but everything was gone. IMG_4003

Now that I have chiropractor appointments during lunch time, I don’t spend time running to chinatown buying groceries. Therefore, I’m going with what’s easy (store bought pesto sauce) on our meatless Monday meals.IMG_3576

Meatless Monday meal – fusilli with roasted red bell peppers, pioppini mushrooms, snap peas and avocado.IMG_3493IMG_3499

Purple is the theme for tonight’s meatless Monday. Boys are not too thrilled about this for sure. Eggplants are not their favorite food (was never mine until I was an adult). They tried many excuses to stay away from it. Again, the trick is to put everything on a plate, so they don’t have much choice. On the other hand, I loved everything about this purple dish. IMG_3176

Enjoying the meatless Monday with a homemade margarita! I love how this is such an inexpensive meal to make (even got my own sauce). The basil leaves were from a Vietnamese restaurant we dined at this past weekend. The kids love it!IMG_3086Untitled