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Yesterday, I baked a cake roll for my sisters (who were both born year of the dog, and same month!) I was pretty happy with it except just a note to myself not to use parchment paper!

IMG_2789With the leftover batter, I baked some cupcakes as well. I decided last minute to make the coconut jello using mah jong mold (I bought a while ago). I didn’t have enough time to ‘freeze’ it longer, so it started to melt (ack). Anyway, can’t wait to play with this more in the future!IMG_2798


Big feast with ma familia today celebrating Year of the Dog. I spent all day today in the kitchen cooking, dicing, plating. I started out with easy pace in the morning and then got nervous when I realized I have a whole bunch of stuff to do!


I made 8 dishes and my sisters made soup, brought fried rice, salt and pepper fish and duck.

We started Prosperity Toss (撈起- or Lo Hey) tradition last year. Since this is the year of the dog, I made the dog design with spiralized zucchini, Japanese daikon, carrots with wood ear (dog’s ears), red bell peppers, smoked salmon and fried wonton skins.


Today is also the day we pass out red envelopes to the kids.

Instead of passing out the traditional red envelopes this year, I’ll be handing out these chicks! I started out with one, and then a brood of them came into life. I’ve only made enough for my nephews and nieces. Not sure if they will keep it, but I had fun making it.



Chinese New Year is almost here. This is the Year of the Rooster, so can this be replaced with the traditional red envelope?


Spending my morning felting, as my form of therapy. My nephew who stayed overnight was interested in taking up a new hobby, so here I am teaching him how to sew.

My latest creations (hand warmers).


These ones are pretty much worn out. It’s time to replace them.

Made these hand warmers for our short distance walk from home to school in the mornings. Stuff them with white rice and microwave them for 30 seconds before we head out in the morning. Boys love them!


More sketches by Ah Lo.


With the leftover cookie dough and frosting, I made more cookies!


My work place is having a potluck tomorrow which gave me a perfect excuse to make more cookies! Making the cookies is the easy, decorating them is the fun part! I had the boys choose the cookie cutters for me. Since they think it’s somewhat like a party, we need cupcakes and ice cream! Ah Lo threw in the elephants and dolphins in there for fun.


After three full days of hustling and bustling, we’ve decided to have today as one of those lazy Sundays where there are no rules, no homework, just do whatever kinda day. I, of course, went with whatever was easiest – baking cookies. I recruited Ah Lo who was roaming around the house at the time looking for stuff to do. He wanted to bake with “animal” theme in mind. So he picked out everything from my limited stash and found a few. Boy, it was good to do nothing. Hope you all had a good post-Thanksgiving day.

IMG_7287 IMG_7291