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Lobster feast! Decided to invite my mom, sisters and BILs to celebrate Father’s Day altogether. Surprisingly, most of them didn’t have dinner plans (or they just show up for anything that don’t require cooking…LOL). Mr. Piggy and I picked these up from Costco. IMG_3787

I made succotash on the side. Bread was also store bought, which makes this meal for 14 not so bad (not too much work required).IMG_3790Last but not not least, Happy Father’s Day to this guy!IMG_3791


Another one pot wonder for a quick weeknight meal – Coconut red curry shrimp with couscous (easy recipe adapted from Martha Stewart – Sarah Carey). Ah Lo usually fills up half of his tummy before his practice. Otherwise, he won’t eat until 8:30pm or later.  Therefore, I only have 30 mins  from the time I get back home to having the food on the table. Quick and easy on days like these are key.IMG_3584

We’re having clams with linguine tonight! Super excited it all worked out because I went to Chinatown to get the clams during lunch. It’s a few hours before cooking it, so I was worried what to do with them. Luckily I found a big container at work to soak them in water for the time being. IMG_2844

We basically inhaled this. I seriously don’t remember even chewing it. Dinner was ready at 6:05pm, and we finished by 6:15pm! SLURP! It took longer to cook it (20 minutes or so).

Trying it out for the first time – Veracruz style red snapper (recipe here).

[from] ]Veracruz was the first place in Mexico that Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés set foot in 1521, and its port remains a melting pot of cultures as reflected in its food. This recipe of red snapper is cooked with Spanish-inspired mixture of tomatoes, olives, jalapeno peppers, onions and capers. It’s super quick and easy which makes it a perfect weeknight meal.


Big feast with ma familia today celebrating Year of the Dog. I spent all day today in the kitchen cooking, dicing, plating. I started out with easy pace in the morning and then got nervous when I realized I have a whole bunch of stuff to do!


I made 8 dishes and my sisters made soup, brought fried rice, salt and pepper fish and duck.

We started Prosperity Toss (撈起- or Lo Hey) tradition last year. Since this is the year of the dog, I made the dog design with spiralized zucchini, Japanese daikon, carrots with wood ear (dog’s ears), red bell peppers, smoked salmon and fried wonton skins.


Today is also the day we pass out red envelopes to the kids.

I’m so happy to discover this dish. In fact, never heard of the word succotash until I saw a picture of it online. I learned the word succotash is actually a Native American word meaning “boiled corn kernels.” This is a side dish that can go with pretty much anything.

Since we’ll be home late today (Ah Lo’s orthodontics consultation), I paired it with seafood (easiest and quickest to cook). I prepped (dicing mostly) most of the ingredients for my succotash yesterday – zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and steamed corn. Instead of using the traditional lima beans, I substitute it with edamame. Pan searing scallops is tricky because I’ve done it in the past when it came out rubbery. I took my time today and it turned out beautifully (taste and texture).  We still had plenty of time after dinner (to follow the Winter Olympics and cheer for Shaun White!)

Ah Lo has not been very happy camper with all my new recipes. He’ll still eat it, but won’t go for seconds (*wink*). Dai Bee on the other hand raved about most, if not all, the meals, especially this one. His words towards the succotash “I don’t like the vegetables cooked separately (besides corn), but somehow when they all come together, they seem to mix so perfectly. The best meal so far. Can you cook this again next week”IMG_1519IMG_1514


This is the first year we switched with our inlaws in celebrating Christmas. Since we first started celebrating Christmas (30 + years ago), we celebrate ours on December 25th because of my sister’s birthday lands on Christmas eve. On her birthday, she normally goes out with her friends to celebrate. Since we wanted to include her, we celebrate Christmas on the actual day, which has been working out perfectly.

To many, Christmas is about gifts, lights, reunions. For me, it’s all about food! For Christmas feast with my family this year, I made some dishes, more than I needed. Entrees are salmon and steak and we played with the sides. I asked my sisters to bring some sides.  Some of the food are not shown here…IMG_0981

Here are some appetizers I made…cheese platter,IMG_0974

pesto pastry…IMG_0971

cocktail shrimp…IMG_0977


Plan was to make pork chops today, but when your inlaws threw in fresh crab, you got a find a way to fit it in the meal somewhere. The boys enjoyed it so much they requested for another meal.IMG_0540

Tomorrow is mid-autumn festival, so I invited my inlaws to come over for dinner. Back in the days, my MIL would cook up a storm and make sure the entire family comes home. Knowing how much of a pain for her daughters (and their significant others) to come to the city during weeknights, my MIL is a lot more casual about special occasions like these. That’s why I cooked an extra dish or two and invited them over.

These are not something you’ll see on their table. My MIL will make the exact same dishes for all the Chinese holidays. So I thought to make something besides the usual so they can try out something different – ha! Big mistake! I can’t say they enjoyed this meal much. Normally they would have two bowls of rice, but tonight they only had one. They hardly picked on the food. They are so set in their ways, even when it comes to food…LOL That’s ok. I have accepted that’s the way they are.

We (my boys and I) loved it and cleared most of it. IMG_0009

Got some fresh bell peppers from my sister and used it for part of our dinner tonight! Boys are not a big fan of bell peppers, so I stuffed them with fish paste. I left it pretty crunchy, and adding the garlic black bean sauce, all of a sudden, the bell peppers don’t taste that bad. IMG_9638