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This is the Open-Year Dinner with my inlaws welcoming the Year of the Rooster! Same menu every year, and always a big feast. Sometimes I wish they are more open to try new dishes. Luckily my side is more receptive, giving me more areas to explore!


When kids are not present, dinner in our crib is much simpler, at least we got rid of the carbs department.


This is what we’re having tonight – tomato soup over pastry, honey mustard salmon and roasted brussel sprouts. This will probably cost over $100 if the five of us were to order the same thing at a restaurant. Today, everything costs around $25. Looks like a lot of work, but really not. IMG_0992

In the past, I’ve tried making my own tomato soup. Now that took a lot of work. On weeknights, store bought tomato soup (from Trader Joe’s) will do the trick. We bought a bag of wild salmon from Costco. I used the honey mustard marinade and baked it for 400 degrees (right after the pastry soup was done). This took an hour or so before it was served on the table. I loved it how Ah Lo took his lovely time and enjoyed every bit of it!

Valentine’s Day Dinner @ home. Economical. Healthy. Delicious. Big Bonus – no reservations, no lines.


My family’s side to have the “Open Year Dinner” (開年飯) and we sure can feast!I made 6 dishes and my other sister made two. The others were store bought. The whole clan wiped out everything and of course the fried shrimp rolls were the first to go! If this doesn’t “open up the year,” I don’t know what does?

CNY food

Following the Christmas countdown, salmon has been requested for dinner today. And, salmon is what we are having for dinner. I made it using Damn Delicious’ recipe of the Sesame Ginger salmon.  It was not as flavorful as I liked (totally my fault) because I didn’t have enough time to marinade the salmon. I also didn’t use the siracha sauce as suggested in fear the boys might not be able to take the spice. But this sure is a nice change from “plain” salmon. This recipe is definitely a keeper.


With Mr. Piggy and my low-carb meals, it’s getting harder to juggle our lunch meal plans and the kids. This weekend, I started to make a large batch of vegetables and meat (chicken breast and shrimp) for the whole week.


Comes Monday morning, I will just toss in whatever in the lunch boxes and be ready to go. These can be pair with one another, or use as toppings, fillers, wraps, or in salads. I spent about 1-2 hours prepping and cooking, but this will sure save me the time and headache during the weekdays.


Here’s a salmon recipe with cabbage and kale from Martha Stewart’s one pot baked salmon. The boys didn’t care for the mustard dill sauce, so I had it all to myself.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.14.35 AM

Dai Bee asks if they can have a lazy day today. Sure I said, just not the entire day! We still need to practice our writing. So we spent a good hour tapping away with these three topics to choose from.


I also practice my own kind of writing while enjoying a peaceful quiet morning.


We spent pretty much the afternoon chilling, first stopping by the in-laws, visiting the newest addition – baby M. Afternoon, just read and cleaned up here and there. Even for dinner, it was this simple.


After a long weekend of eating carbs and fatty food, tonight we are back to our low carb diet. I don’t know about Mr. Piggy, but i thoroughly enjoyed this dish. There’s tofu, fresh corn, edamame and shrimp with a little bit of lime, sprinkled with salt. It was delicious.