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Meatless Monday, oh, how I missed having the greens.


The plainest of meatless Monday meal makes everyone full, healthy and happy. Pan fry tofu, garlic stir fry chayotes, and oyster sauce lettuce are the continuation of our meatless Monday tradition.


Dinner will be quick tonight. We need to cheer on one of our nephews whose team is playing for the championship today. So I hastily put something together for our meatless Monday meal! Something that doesn’t require much cooking and here you are…img_5956img_5963

My inlaws celebrated their year-end CNY dinner (團年飯) tonight. This is the first year they don’t require her daughters (who live in the suburbs) to come home for dinner. So it was just our family and the inlaws. Over the years, my MIL would cook up a storm for these new-year dinners. Food is very similar on both days. This year, since it was just the 6 of us, there’s no need to have a full feast. My MIL agreed to make the usual stuff, roast pork, chicken, fish and soup. I made these two and brought over. I made steamed tripes and tofu with broccoli. These are common on my dinner table, but not theirs. They are very traditional folks. I was afraid they might reject the tripes dish because of the “color.” So, I placed it in a red bowl and added some red bell peppers to make it a bit more colorful. They both enjoyed these dishes and there were no leftovers. Whew!


Here’s the full meal. The chicken didn’t make it to the table on time for this picture.


Going for vegan egg rolls and tofu, topped with rice vermicelli for our Meatless Monday dinner, perfect to cool down the heat. This is a simple take on the classic Vietnamese cooking.


In the height of Indian summer, I’m trying to stay away from the stove. Sandwiches came to mind! Because it’s meatless Monday today – I’ve made seared tofu banh mi. The boys don’t care for the picked radish, but they still finished the sandwich! I loved it, because I love everything made with tofu. I’d definitely try this again.

Looking back, this marks our first anniversary of having Meatless Mondays. We started this a year ago, and still going strong!


Continuing on with our meatless Monday meals.


Our dinner tonight. I just love love tofu, so do my boys! Glad they do because it’s one of the staple in our diet. It’s so easy to make, so versatile and super healthy.


Egg noodles stir fry with 5-spice tofu, mushrooms and cabbage as our Meatless Monday dinner. Simple, just simple.


Our Meatless monday meal with egg tofu, garlic cauliflower and bok choy. The tofu dish is always the first to go and never enough to go around.


The tofu is the a special type of tofu, kids’ favorite kind – it’s called egg bean curd (玉子豆腐). It comes in a tube. Goes well with minced meat or even by itself. Today, I added onion and mushroom to the sauce. Simply pan fry it until golden brown, sprinkle some salt and it’s ready to be served. It tastes great, easy to make, and extremely healthy.