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Craving for some beef chow fun this week, so made myself some. Of course, this doesn’t taste as good as the one ordered in (good) restaurants. But this is good enough for everyone. My food critics gave me two thumbs and complimented this is better tasting than some restaurants. Thank you!IMG_6948


A simple meal for short Tuesday night (basketball practice and violin lesson). Boys are eating so much these days I might need to make one more dish. IMG_6944

Garlic noodles pair nicely with seafood, but I substituted tofu with scallops for our meatless Monday meal. Boys love it!IMG_6939

Special request by Ah Lo to have clay pot rice with Chinese sausage. His wish is granted. Today at the market, I also saw the fish my BIL recommended (金倉魚), so I bought one. I searched online and learned it’s called Pomfret fish in English. I prefer this over the mullet we had a few days ago because it’s a lot fewer bones.  Will definitely give it a try again. IMG_5880

Gave a little twist to Martha Stewart’s beef and pineapple red curry by adding some purple yam and cauliflower plus ~3 tablespoons of fish sauce. Definitely need to refill the rice! Made extras for lunch the next day, the curry was super yummy.


This Thursday is Chong Yang Festival (重陽節 or Double Ninth Festival), so today many families gather to stop by at the cemetery to pay respect to ancestors. This is the first time where there were lion dances at the cemetery. Not sure if they were privately owned or the association organized this? They hop from families to families with firecrackers. We tipped them at the end, but just thought it was a nice gesture. IMG_5784

We normally bring chicken and roast pork, along with oranges, flowers, buns as ‘grave goods.’ My mom always takes the roast pork because that’s what she loves, and I took the chicken home. I shredded and used the bones for the broth. It was delicious and great for a lazy evening when I don’t have to hover around the stove for too much.

Today is one of the most celebrated Chinese Holiday – Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節). Normally we would welcome this day with a big feast. However, it so happens that today landed on a Monday, which is our meatless day. Here we are with our vegetarian meal. IMG_5530-1This is something for fun I want to add to the table – rabbits were cut outs from stems of napa cabbage. Lanterns are one mini red turnip.IMG_5527With leftovers from the red bean paste, I made more ice skin mooncakes. We enjoyed it for dessert. Unfortunately, the moon was hiding behind the big thick fog so we couldn’t see her beautiful shiny face tonight. Let’s hope she shows up tomorrow. IMG_5516

This year, for the first time, I made ice skin (or snow skin) mooncakes (冰皮月餅). This version is non-baked with a soft and chewy texture (more like a mochi). There are tons of recipes out there, just find one that you like. I will also bring these for my family to try. I wonder which one will they like? The traditional mooncakes or this variation?

For the filling, I made my own red bean and purple yam paste. I had a lot of leftovers so I will be making more. img_5442.jpg

It’s that time of year again. I started making the lotus filling, golden syrup, and the skin for the traditional mooncakes the past few days. Finally putting them all together tonight. Will bring these to share with my family this coming Friday. Let’s see what they have to say.


Stir fry and some wings for dinner tonight. I had some egg roll wraps and wanted to finish it. So I wrapped it with the garlic chives/eggs/shrimp mixture and pan-fried. As you can see, I didn’t have enough for the entire batch.IMG_5026