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Before heading to Ah Lo’s basketball games in Rocklin this weekend, we must load him up with some fresh homemade banana bread for breakfast! It’ll be a long weekend.


A busy and long day today – with Ah Lo playing 3 games today. So let’s load him up with some carbs with these yummy steamed green onion buns for breakfast. IMG_3960

After his 3 games (2-1), came home and whip up a quick dinner – chicken salad sandwich. Wonder why I was so tired when I got home (and I was just sitting down watching the games)?IMG_3979

Boys’ breakfast this morning with a glass of homemade soy milk (made this weekend). IMG_3315

Woke up early this morning for a basketball tournament. Surprised by a breakfast by Mr. Piggy – totally didn’t expect that. So yes, it was a pleasant surprise!

After basketball game, we met up with my other sisters and had takeout at one of the sister’s house.  Like last year, we took a stroll along ocean beach back to my mom’s home.

For dinner, my boys made (spam and egg) for dinner. Sure, it was simple, but I was able to take the day off (even squeezed a quick nap in between)!

Baked the cake just so that I could use the Russian tips! LOL. The frosting was still a tad bit softer than it should be. In hindsight, should have toss it in the fridge for 30 mins. Oh well, I was pretty happy with it, and glad everyone enjoyed it.

Happy moms day to all the superMOM’s out there.

Ah Lo has a busy schedule today, 2 games and a music festival (choir) for school all in one day, across town from each other. So it’s a good day to load him up with carbs. Yesterday, I had the chance to make and steam some sweet rice with chicken wrapped in lotus leaf (糯米雞). This is one of the must-order items when we go out for dim sum. Boys would finish one or two by themselves. It’s fairly easy to make and ingredients are simple: dried shrimp, mushrooms (not his favorite, by adds the flavor), shallots, chinese sausage and of course, chicken. Purposely left out the salty egg yolks since boys don’t care for it.

I plan to make mini ones and put them in the freezer so it’s another option for them in the morning for breakfast.IMG_2491

Ok, I’m determined to perfect these pull part bread. The first two batches weren’t that successful, so I attempted again. The softness and taste greatly improved, but appearance wise, not exactly what I wanted. For the next few weeks, I will try (and fail) – REPEAT – until I have this down! Nevertheless, these make great breakfast or afternoon snacks for the boys.IMG_2475

Homemade breakfast options – hard choice to choose from American or Asian style?


How about some soft pretzels for breakfast this morning? 3choices: sesame, salted and cheese.

Got up early to make avocado toast with poached egg, something different other than cereal or plain old bread. Something simple like this will cost an arm and a leg at a restaurant. IMG_E1435

My 2nd attempt in making the green onion buns, 1st one lacked the flavor, so I thought to give it another shot. This one was a bit saltier than normal. Will do it again, hopefully third time’s a charm!IMG_9924