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Boys’ breakfast this morning. Similar to these.


Saw these “open-faced” fruit sandwiches on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the color, not to mention the nutritional factor. So since this is testing week for the boys, I thought it’d be the perfect time to make them for breakfast. Then I found out the test happened last week. Oh wells, at least they are having something nutritious.



Piano recitals back to back (last night with Ah Lo and tonight with Dai Bee). In the morning, I made the boys turkey and cheese sandwich (Grand Piano) and PBJ sandwich (piano keys) for breakfast. Just felt like making them when I got up this morning since it’s been awhile. Oh I miss playing with food!IMG_7120Untitled-3

Also came in the mail today was the children’s magazine that published one of Ah Lo’s poems. Coincidentally the poem they chose to publish is about the piano which goes perfectly with our music theme this weekend.


Bought a 10 lb bag of potatoes and decided to make (and store) some hash browns for the boys’ breakfast. Even sucked into buying a potato ricer and squeeze out the excess water just for that. IMG_6335

I just lightly pan fried them, and after it’s cooled down, froze them. Here’s another option for weekday mornings.


My favorite breakfast! Sometimes I wonder if the boys know how lucky they are…


When your sons have a special request on what they like to have for breakfast, and/or when green onions are on sale ($1 for 5 bunches), you just have to do what you have to do.



Just another variation of boys’ breakfast with avocados (and cherry tomatoes – not their favorite).


Made breakfast this morning knowing boys are not fans of avocado. Still, snuck it in there because I figured first meal of the day, they’re hungry, so they’ll eat it. Not only did they ate it all, my picky eater, Ah Lo complimented on how good this tasted! It’s his first time having avocado, and said “didn’t know it can taste this good.”


When I have extra time in the morning, I tend to make a hearty breakfast (otherwise, it’ll be store bought buns or cereal). With steel cut oats, and adding ripe bananas, milk and sprinkle cinnamon, the boys actually enjoyed this healthy breakfast!


Breakfast this morning: sometimes when you can’t decide scrambled or sunny side up, you just make both.