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For Christmas present, I am making one week’s worth of lunches for my youngest nephew, LeLe (well, 4 days since this is a short week). He’s at daycare and lunch is not provided (which sucks). So my sister has to prepare lunch and snacks for this little guy. Technically, the present is more for her. Heehee.

Anyway, I made some pork sushi and pasta. The other two lunches, I forgot to take pictures (turkey and cheese quesadilla and mini sandwiches).  Haven’t made bentos in a while, work is a bit rusty.



For those who follow this blog are aware that I used to make bentos for my boys and my niece. Though I put down “used to,” I still want to do it when I find my fingers itching. Here are my earlier ones I’ve made and LOVE:


Now I do mostly stir fry for the boys and plop them in their thermos. This is the second week and I’ve made: 1) spaghetti (with ground turkey and homemade spaghetti sauce, 2) fried rice with chicken, 3) stir fry macaroni with broccoli and pork, 4) curry noodles, 5) fried rice with char siu, 6) rice with broccoli beef and 7) potstickers.lunches

Ok, I probably spoke too soon yesterday and jinxed it. The game was so painful to watch, I had to walk away. Today winner takes all which makes the game a lot more interesting! I told the boys to make sure they finish their homework before coming home so they can watch the game!



Today’s bentos relates to the SF Giants Game 6. I had started Halloween bentos and then just dawn on me that today could be their last game! My niece sent me some ideas earlier for designing cookies. However, I thought I’d use cheese to make these instead. I asked the boys and girls who their favorite players are. Thank goodness nobody picked Bumgarner; otherwise, I’d be having trouble fitting the name onto the shirt. I tried to convince my Crawford fan to change to BELT, much shorter name for me to play with. She refused and she is a die-hard fan since the very beginning. Luckily, it all worked out.


Here are my first autumn bentos.


Today’s lunches are quite good, at least I think so! I used the leftover sauce I made  from yesterday’s pork belly to stir fry some minced pork. Pour it over the rice, the aroma of roasted soy sauce totally stimulates the appetite. Boy, hopefully, these will come back cleaned!


A couple of days ago, one of the girls was having “friends” issue, aka teenager problems. She was so upset even food wouldn’t do the trick! How do you explain to a teenager that friends come and go, but true friends are the ones that will leave the prints? You just can’t. All you do, is make “artificial” friends, in their lunches. Yeah? I didn’t have time to make the rest with silly faces, just plain old sushi. Hope she gets it!


Turkey and cheese sandwiches today for the 4 rascals. Simple, but healthy.


Today is our mid-autumn festival! For dinner tonight, we’ll eat home-cooked meals, and admire the moon in the evening. Meanwhile, here are the bentos I whipped up this morning, with a full moon too!


Here’s something I made for dinner: chicken skewers, long string beans with pork belly and lotus cakes. We enjoyed a tiny moon cake for dessert.


Noodles are my favorite, to make and to eat. They are easy and pretty much goes well with anything you toss in there. Stir fry or soup based, cooking noodles are fast, cheap and can be flavorful. Here are the lunches I made for the girls today. They are Japanese ramen noodles, with pork, and napa cabbage.