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I love these ramen noodles. They’re quick and easy to make. Can stir fry, or with soup, just very versatile. I always stock them up.IMG_5627


#cheaperthaneatingout for sure. I bought the frozen imperial rolls and fried it at home. Marinaded the beef and sauteed the onions, this is the perfect meal for a weeknight…IMG_5308

These days have been quite chilly, especially nights, even we’re in summer. I love this noodle soup because we can enjoy the soup when we’re done, and warms up everyone.

Soupy kinda night…is winter over yet? Oh wait, we’re still in summer. Where we are at, we don’t have many warm days during summer. I’m not complaining, since we do have the best weather all year around.IMG_5197

Meatless Monday: soba noodles with the good stuff!

Sauce for the noodles: soy sauce, ponzu, brown sugar, roasted sesame seeds and sesame oil.IMG_5012IMG_5013

Went easy on the spicy oil for this Sichuan dandan noodles, afraid the boys couldn’t handle it, so might have lost some of the actual flavor.IMG_3985I used to cheat and purchase the pre-made ones. Today, I spent a little more time to make my own sauce. I didn’t follow the recipe too precisely because I didn’t have all the ingredients. The boys loved it and had a few rounds.

It’s my veggie day, so we’re having vegetarian noodles, Singaporean style – stir fried rice vermicelli seasoned with curry powder, vegetables, scrambled eggs and tofu. IMG_3335

Since basketball practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays, dinners are simple. Ah Lo eats a heavy snack when he gets home and a light dinner. He doesn’t want to stuff himself before heading to practice.

For me, it’s making whatever’s quick and easy.


Last Sunday Mr. Piggy’s family went out for dinner. There were tons of leftovers which we finished a bulk of it yesterday. Today, there was still a big box of chicken leftovers. Coincidentally I made some chicken broth over the weekend. So I added the leftover chicken to make Pho Ga.IMG_2898IMG_2899

Enjoying a chilled Sunday, prepping for lunches this week. Even got a chance to sneak away for a long overdue facial appointment. Thanks for instant pot again for making this pork bone broth. When I came home, spent about 10 minutes to assemble everything together. Dinner is ready…IMG_2091