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Once again, thanks to one of my favorite kitchen gadget – the instant pot, this tomato beef shank stew came out perfectly in a timely manner. This bowl of sweet of savory deliciousness would have taken hours in front of the stove, especially tenderizing the beef shank. img_7954


Can’t get any healthier with this meal! I roasted cauliflower steak (garlic powder, salt, pepper, and paprika) with organic soba noodles and a side of kale. The only complaint from my food critics was that I should have more cauliflower.img_7930

It was pouring all day today, so we stayed home the entire day. Glad boys picked up some books to keep them busy. They also helped out with some mundane chores – laundry, clean bathrooms, bedrooms, vacuuming, etc.

I whipped up what I could find in my fridge and pan fried some noodles. Something simple and hearty. img_7885img_7891.jpg

This is a dish that the boys order every single time when we dine at a Thai restaurant. Doesn’t matter lunch or dinner, whether it’s listed on the menu or not, pad see ew, they call it as soon as they walk into a Thai place. As they grow older, one plate is never enough. They scarfed it down in minutes.

Today for our meatless Monday, I made (for the first time) pad see ew with tofu. They also finished it in record time!IMG_7192

The cooling moist air and the dampness from the rain remind us that the season is kicking in full speed. Since Tuesdays are short nights due to practice, I tend to make the meal a day ahead. By the time I’m back home, I will have dinner ready in 15 minutes. Tonight was the perfect night to slurp down a nice hot bowl of Vietnamese beef stew. I made this yesterday with instant pot, and bought the flat noodles during lunch.

It was very rare to see the boys finishing their meal before me!

Craving for some beef chow fun this week, so made myself some. Of course, this doesn’t taste as good as the one ordered in (good) restaurants. But this is good enough for everyone. My food critics gave me two thumbs and complimented this is better tasting than some restaurants. Thank you!IMG_6948

Garlic noodles pair nicely with seafood, but I substituted tofu with scallops for our meatless Monday meal. Boys love it!IMG_6939

This Thursday is Chong Yang Festival (重陽節 or Double Ninth Festival), so today many families gather to stop by at the cemetery to pay respect to ancestors. This is the first time where there were lion dances at the cemetery. Not sure if they were privately owned or the association organized this? They hop from families to families with firecrackers. We tipped them at the end, but just thought it was a nice gesture. IMG_5784

We normally bring chicken and roast pork, along with oranges, flowers, buns as ‘grave goods.’ My mom always takes the roast pork because that’s what she loves, and I took the chicken home. I shredded and used the bones for the broth. It was delicious and great for a lazy evening when I don’t have to hover around the stove for too much.

I love these ramen noodles. They’re quick and easy to make. Can stir fry, or with soup, just very versatile. I always stock them up.IMG_5627

#cheaperthaneatingout for sure. I bought the frozen imperial rolls and fried it at home. Marinaded the beef and sauteed the onions, this is the perfect meal for a weeknight…IMG_5308