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Back in 2013, two of my nieces moved in with us for a couple of years. Today I held back tears watching one of them walk across the stage, accepting her diploma and so ready to move on the next chapter of her life. She has grown from a clueless insecure teenager to a confident young woman. I know it wasn’t easy for her to get to where she is today. She listened to her heart, jumped through hurdles and stuck to what she believes in. She wrote me the sweetest note thanking me for helping her to get here. Those 2 years were hectic for me, but seeing her today has validated my decision (to have the Girls living with us) was correct. So, thank you!

“Oh, the places she will go…
Oh, the things she knows…
Once she sets her goals…
All her hard work will show…”

We couldn’t be more proud of you and your accomplishments! We ❤️ you.DSC_3728

Made her a money lei/necklace, a poster and “GRAD 2018” (cut out from cardboard). My sisters and I all chipped in to give her some cash (per her request). Instead of handing off checks to her, I put them in a pizza box. Mr. Piggy came up with the line, clever as always.


Everyone is off today at home. Mr. Piggy has to work, and the boys didn’t want to go out. I spent most of the morning working on a small project for my nieces and nephews. I made these for my boys earlier this year. I tape them up in a place where they will see it all the time. Every book they finish, they will put the title and author on the book. One of my sisters saw it and loved the idea. She requested two for her boys as well.

I decided to make for all the little ones as an encouragement for them to read this summer. We are gathering at my sisters again tonight to watch GAME 7 of the Western Finals. So I will be passing these to them.

Today is Ah Lo’s last basketball practice of the season. I thought it’d be fun to present the coaches with a ‘thank you’ candy gram during our celebratory potluck. We had a great season.IMG_3259

Afterwards, we all gathered at my sister’s house to watch the WESTERNS Finals – Game 6. Go Warriors!

Finally finished a DIY project for Mr. Piggy’s cousin (who had a baby girl back in October). Not sure what to give her for her Red Egg & Ginger party but want to get her something personal. Ah Lo helped personalized this growth chart ruler by painting her name on it. I just stuck sticker on it. It was a fun project and can make a great baby gift! Can’t wait to gift this!

My non-traditional CNY red envelopes this year – Year of the Dog! These require much more work than the ones I did last year. Believe it or not, I started last November. How do I have so much time you ask? When you sit around waiting for music lessons, basketball practices, or when you watch TV, etc, you’ll notice you have plenty of time…IMG_1434IMG_E1488

Every year, I get excited about making our Christmas cards. Though I’m sure most people will toss it after receiving them, I tend to spend a lot of time making it. Mainly because I get to be creative and pretend to be a designer! I am amazed with the powerful Photoshop, unfortunately, I don’t have use it very much. I taught myself bits and pieces and probably used 10% of its capacity. Since I don’t use it very often, I have to relearn it every year or pick up new skills.

This year, I’ve learned how to do a 3-D pop up photo, and thought this would be the perfect Christmas card. Both boys thought it was neat, but both reacted the same way – “what does this have to do with Christmas?” Ack…

Hopefully I will find the time later (work is picking up) to play with this – probably different picture with similar idea.


Our homemade Halloween costume this year! Simple, but fun…WE did get a lot of attention while T-o-Ting. IMG_0265Like previous years, we went to my sister’s neighborhood to do trick or treating. Surprised my boys are still up for it. Here’s their loot!IMG_0278

Showing off our 2017 pumpkins!IMG_0213

Getting ready for Halloween, start making costumes. Can you tell what we’re wearing this year?IMG_9930

At Dai Bee’s first fencing competition. Boys have been taking fencing for some time now, and this was his first competition. He’s probably the only one doing this the first time since I was the only one taking pictures while the other parents were sitting there chilling. It was pretty low key, not much yelling or cheering. We spent a good chunk of time watching and waiting. He wasn’t the last one on the rank, so I take it that’s a pretty good?!IMG_7270

Mr. Piggy’s nephew is turning 2 today. After the fencing competition, we went to his house to celebrate with him. I made this minion piñata for him (or for his older cousins). He had no clue of what the game was, but managed to swing with his bat. The kids (my boys) had more fun at it than he did! IMG_7274 (1)DSC_0552 (1)