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Every year, I get excited about making our Christmas cards. Though I’m sure most people will toss it after receiving them, I tend to spend a lot of time making it. Mainly because I get to be creative and pretend to be a designer! I am amazed with the powerful Photoshop, unfortunately, I don’t have use it very much. I taught myself bits and pieces and probably used 10% of its capacity. Since I don’t use it very often, I have to relearn it every year or pick up new skills.

This year, I’ve learned how to do a 3-D pop up photo, and thought this would be the perfect Christmas card. Both boys thought it was neat, but both reacted the same way – “what does this have to do with Christmas?” Ack…

Hopefully I will find the time later (work is picking up) to play with this – probably different picture with similar idea.



Our homemade Halloween costume this year! Simple, but fun…WE did get a lot of attention while T-o-Ting. IMG_0265Like previous years, we went to my sister’s neighborhood to do trick or treating. Surprised my boys are still up for it. Here’s their loot!IMG_0278

Showing off our 2017 pumpkins!IMG_0213

Getting ready for Halloween, start making costumes. Can you tell what we’re wearing this year?IMG_9930

At Dai Bee’s first fencing competition. Boys have been taking fencing for some time now, and this was his first competition. He’s probably the only one doing this the first time since I was the only one taking pictures while the other parents were sitting there chilling. It was pretty low key, not much yelling or cheering. We spent a good chunk of time watching and waiting. He wasn’t the last one on the rank, so I take it that’s a pretty good?!IMG_7270

Mr. Piggy’s nephew is turning 2 today. After the fencing competition, we went to his house to celebrate with him. I made this minion piñata for him (or for his older cousins). He had no clue of what the game was, but managed to swing with his bat. The kids (my boys) had more fun at it than he did! IMG_7274 (1)DSC_0552 (1)

Ah Lo has a project due next week and I’m having him finish it this week. His teacher will probably think I’m one of those “tiger moms.” Anyway, it’s a long weekend, and thankfully, we are pretty free this weekend, why not?! I assisted, but tried my best to stay away because I will probably “take over” the project if I am near. screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-42-05-am

Ah Lo’s creation of Jamestown and their environment. My hands are itching to add more, but reminded myself, this is a 5th grader’s project after all.


More felting. This hand warmer is made for one of my nephews KG, who is studying piano with Dai Bee. He’s into pokemon these days, so I used this as an incentive to get him to continue practicing piano.img_5592img_5593

Chinese New Year is almost here. This is the Year of the Rooster, so can this be replaced with the traditional red envelope?


Spending my morning felting, as my form of therapy. My nephew who stayed overnight was interested in taking up a new hobby, so here I am teaching him how to sew.

My latest creations (hand warmers).


These ones are pretty much worn out. It’s time to replace them.

Been extremely busy at work and with the Holidays, this month just flew by. Today Mr. Piggy’s family is celebrating Christmas, and unfortunately, I wasn’t in the celebratory mood, so I didn’t go. Needless to say, I didn’t do much Christmas shopping at all. Mr. Piggy picked up a couple of boxes of diapers just yesterday. I just made it a tad festive for the little one.