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Ah Lo has a project due next week and I’m having him finish it this week. His teacher will probably think I’m one of those “tiger moms.” Anyway, it’s a long weekend, and thankfully, we are pretty free this weekend, why not?! I assisted, but tried my best to stay away because I will probably “take over” the project if I am near. screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-42-05-am

Ah Lo’s creation of Jamestown and their environment. My hands are itching to add more, but reminded myself, this is a 5th grader’s project after all.


More felting. This hand warmer is made for one of my nephews KG, who is studying piano with Dai Bee. He’s into pokemon these days, so I used this as an incentive to get him to continue practicing piano.img_5592img_5593

Chinese New Year is almost here. This is the Year of the Rooster, so can this be replaced with the traditional red envelope?


Spending my morning felting, as my form of therapy. My nephew who stayed overnight was interested in taking up a new hobby, so here I am teaching him how to sew.

My latest creations (hand warmers).


These ones are pretty much worn out. It’s time to replace them.

Been extremely busy at work and with the Holidays, this month just flew by. Today Mr. Piggy’s family is celebrating Christmas, and unfortunately, I wasn’t in the celebratory mood, so I didn’t go. Needless to say, I didn’t do much Christmas shopping at all. Mr. Piggy picked up a couple of boxes of diapers just yesterday. I just made it a tad festive for the little one.


I knew I kept those oatmeal boxes and tissue rolls for a reason! They are used as gift card holders!


One of the many things to do on a gloomy rainy day. Painting pumpkins is the family tradition now. We carved it one year but the pumpkins didn’t last very long. Plus painting is a lot easier! Can you guess what our theme is for this year?


Finally done with my sister’s Halloween costume. Her family is dressing up as a characters from Pixar’s UP movie this year. She’s going to be the “flying house with balloons.” Initially I was going to make something simple. Somehow it turned out to be a 3-D house.


I had the boys help finishing the job with the paint. I don’t think they followed the exact color of the house from the movie. I just told them “to make it colorful.”  Now all my sister needs is balloons!

Never been to a tea party but always thought about hosting one! Earlier the week I asked my middle school friends to see if they were up for a small gathering. This group of people are so hard to come together because of busy schedules. Surprisingly everyone could make it on this date and this time. So I bought some fresh flowers and decorated a tad bit to suit for this theme.


I made turkey sandwiches, baked banana bread and rose pastry for our little gathering. At the end, everyone thanked me for the party. However, it should be the other way around, I should be the one thanking them for giving me this chance to host a tea party, the friendship and the laughters.

Mr. Piggy’s cousin had a bridal shower this past Sunday. Everything on her registry pretty much clear when I tried to shop (that’s what I get for procrastinating). There were not much I could do (since I’m sure she has a lot of things already), but to get her gift card. Instead of just handing her the card (looks too plain), I decided to beef it up and made these using Pringles can!