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On Fridays when I work from home, I usually squeeze some time to bake for the boys or make dessert for my sisters (when we gather at my mom’s). When the boys come back from school, they’re always hungry, so these fresh baked goodies are perfect!IMG_2922IMG_2949


Ok, I’m determined to perfect these pull part bread. The first two batches weren’t that successful, so I attempted again. The softness and taste greatly improved, but appearance wise, not exactly what I wanted. For the next few weeks, I will try (and fail) – REPEAT – until I have this down! Nevertheless, these make great breakfast or afternoon snacks for the boys.IMG_2475

This is the first spring break we didn’t go anywhere (because of the boys’ different school schedules). Between Mr. Piggy and I, we took off a day here and there. He also spent some time with his cousins (my sister took the week off for her kids). When Mr. Piggy stayed home with him, there wasn’t much productivity [frown]. Today, I took off and got him 1) to clean his room, 2) to bake and 3) to do his laundry. Of course, he complained! I just had a little more patience than him. I nagged until he gave up and did it. That’s one of the many differences between a mom and a dad.IMG_2450These came out beautifully and just in time for Dai Bee’s afternoon snacks. He scarfed down 3 without much hesitation.IMG_2412

Dai Bee made a special request for these scrumptious soft pretzels. Compared to the last batch I made, he suggested I add garlic salt this time. IMG_2156

Such a great feeling to see the dough rise! After rolling them in long ropes, twist them and dip them in water bath with baking soda and you’re good to go. Boys love them, and they’re as much fun to make as they are to eat!

How about some soft pretzels for breakfast this morning? 3choices: sesame, salted and cheese.

It’s that time of year again – roasted pumpkin seeds. Normally we would wait around one more week to clear out the seeds of the pumpkins. Since our schedule is wide opened, we decided to make the snack today. The boys decided to have: (a) salt and pepper, (b) garlic butter and (3) soy sauce for the pumpkin seeds this year.  IMG_0292IMG_0291

So the latest trend in Japan is the pull apart bread. I’ve been drooling all over every time when I see photos on Instagram. Unfortunately, most of the recipes I found are in Japanese, so I had to play around with it. The boys were eager to try it before I had a chance to decorate it.IMG_7080

By the time I put in the details, one-third of it was gone. Hahaha…IMG_7085

This is what’s supposed to look like. Yes, I know I have lots of work to do.


Photo from @umi0407 Instagram <- She’s the pro!

Just following the Chinese New year tradition – eat eat and eat some more. Here are some homemade CNY snacks/dessert in the last couple of days: 1) coconut glutinous rice cakes (年糕) 2) tea eggs (茶葉蛋) and 3) osmanthus cake (桂花糕).  img_5801img_5804img_5789img_5791

Sundays are busy days for me with grocery shopping for the entire week for the entire family. IT’s also when I replenish the “snacks drawer.” Now the boys know exactly where to find “goodies.”


Ah Lo wants to share some treats with his classmates tomorrow. I took out a box of cake mix from the pantry. In the midst of trying to decide vanilla or chocolate, a light bulb went on in my head! How about other choices besides cupcakes?

Time wise, preparing for this might take longer, but not any harder. Wash, chop and chill. The class can enjoy a much more healthy snack tomorrow. Sometimes in life, you have make very hard decisions, and this is certainly not one of them! Whew!


Each cup is filled with apples, grapes, strawberries, banana and almond jello.

“Today I am thankful for being able to work from home tomorrow…”