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Boys got mini drones and this big one for Christmas gifts (from relatives). Finally, today, after our hike, they had the chance to fly it at a nearby park. Three of the guards came off already! For sure I thought this would not make it home. They were smart enough to “retire” it after the battery level was low.  img_5485

Then they went for the “manual” drone…



For Christmas present, I am making one week’s worth of lunches for my youngest nephew, LeLe (well, 4 days since this is a short week). He’s at daycare and lunch is not provided (which sucks). So my sister has to prepare lunch and snacks for this little guy. Technically, the present is more for her. Heehee.

Anyway, I made some pork sushi and pasta. The other two lunches, I forgot to take pictures (turkey and cheese quesadilla and mini sandwiches).  Haven’t made bentos in a while, work is a bit rusty.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

While I wish everyone is enjoying this joyous day, I find it difficult to be in the the cheerful mood. Worrying about my health, my granny, and trying to stay calm. About a month ago, I had the Christmas menu all planned out. I was going to cook up a storm. Of course, it won’t happen. Instead, I had everyone bring a dish. I made ribs, garlic shrimp pesto pasta and this apple rose pastry. I was exhausted by the time the party ended.


Been extremely busy at work and with the Holidays, this month just flew by. Today Mr. Piggy’s family is celebrating Christmas, and unfortunately, I wasn’t in the celebratory mood, so I didn’t go. Needless to say, I didn’t do much Christmas shopping at all. Mr. Piggy picked up a couple of boxes of diapers just yesterday. I just made it a tad festive for the little one.


I knew I kept those oatmeal boxes and tissue rolls for a reason! They are used as gift card holders!


Here’s the 2nd performance for the seniors. They are definitely more comfortable the 2nd time around than they did last week.img_5273

Christmas countdown activity: playing board games.


Countdown activity today is to bake cookies. We recruited an elf to help out with it.img_5181

Today for our Chinese curriculum, I had the boys write Christmas cards in Chinese, mainly to the older generation. Writing Christmas cards is also one of the countdown activities. Basically, I’m killing two birds in one stone!


We have officially started the Christmas countdown. This year work got really crazy busy so I didn’t have much time to plan. In fact, we were two days late. I printed the activities on slips of paper (Friday night) and slip them inside the balloons.


Here’s one for today. img_5062

This is our family’s first trip to the Oracle Arena to watch the Warriors play (vs. Phoenix Sun).  The tickets were part of the summer camp (JR. NBA). We paid $25 for weekend game. Though we had nosebleed seats, the atmosphere was awesome. We went with my sister and the boys had a blast.img_5071