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Excited to learn that Ah Lo is picked by his teachers as one of the speakers at his promotion ceremony. He was a bit hesitant at first, but with some nudges, he finally agreed. I suggested he finds video from YouTube to get ideas of what to write, how to start and so forth. Couple of nights ago, he was frustrated because he wasn’t getting anywhere with the speech. Like most kids, he wanted to give up. Again, with some more encouragement, he dried his eyes and kept writing.

I was warned by his teacher not to help him (so that I would have the surprise factor), and I stayed out. His teacher and he worked on a few revisions. I can’t wait to hear it next week! I would probably need a box of Kleenex.


Piano recitals back to back (last night with Ah Lo and tonight with Dai Bee). In the morning, I made the boys turkey and cheese sandwich (Grand Piano) and PBJ sandwich (piano keys) for breakfast. Just felt like making them when I got up this morning since it’s been awhile. Oh I miss playing with food!IMG_7120Untitled-3

Also came in the mail today was the children’s magazine that published one of Ah Lo’s poems. Coincidentally the poem they chose to publish is about the piano which goes perfectly with our music theme this weekend.


Normally, the boys go to fencing on their own. However, today Dai Bee has track meet and won’t be back in time. And I can’t get leave work early. This means Ah Lo has to lug his big old bag and go there by himself. While at work, I was so worried about him managing to get there by himself. Sometimes that’s what mothers do,  we worry about this and worry about that. Not only did he get there fine, he was there early. Even my baby is a growing up so fast.

Lately, the boys have been packing their own lunches (from leftovers). They basically heat it up the morning and pack them in their thermos in the morning. From preparing bentos every morning, to making “normal” lunches, this has been a LONG time in coming. But really, it’s time. I have a 8th grader and a 5th grader, and they’re more than capable.


Though not their first time on public transportation, this is the first time taking bus on their own.  In the past, when I enrolled the boys to summer camps, one of my deciding factor for the camp is to figure out how to get them there. I often have to work around my schedule to accommodate transporting them to the destination.

This year when I signed up the boys for this camp few months ago, I thought maybe it’s time for them to take the bus.For the most part, they were pretty lucky this week to get rides from uncles to and back. Of course when the time came, I was very nervous. On the first day, I took the bus with them. Though not their first time on public transportation, this is the first time taking bus on their own.  No phones or books, so they can always stay alert with their surroundings. Mr. Piggy gave Dai Bee a phone so he can text/call me when he gets to school. Clearly, they were ready all along. It was just me, who wasn’t.



It’s official now. Many people have asked if I noticed the change of Dai Bee’s voice lately. No, not really. I tried to notice. Sometimes I can hear hints of his voice changing, but mostly it’s the same cute crisp clear sound I’ve been hearing for the past 10 years. In the last couple of days, when he started to laugh really loud or yell, there! I heard it. It’s that cracking sound. Adam’s apple is about to blossom. Puberty for Dai Bee is in full force and he’s enroute to young manhood.

Ah, hopefully I’ll be ready for the crazy, rebellious, irrational teenager as he charged to the next stage of his life – adolescence.


Today is a memorable day, especially for Ah Lo. He’s been playing basketball for 2-1/2 seasons now, over 20 games, but never scored once. Today, he broke the dry record and made 3 shots! Yes, 3 shots! The first shot he made, he turned to me and beamed. Then came the second and the third (swoosh). His team ended up winning for the first time with a score of 12 vs. 8. He made 6 points out of the 12. This win surely gave him (and the team) a boost of confidence. On our ride home, he said, “now I know what it feels like to win, it’s an awesome feeling.” I hope he remembers this feeling since I didn’t capture it on video!

DSC_4450 copy

Dai Bee also played his best game today. Though he didn’t make any shots, but he has improved so much each game he played. He made great passes, handled defensive rebounds, and took on a more aggressive approach on the offensive side.

So proud of these boys!

Today is one of those hectic days again. First off it’s Dai Bee’s big testing day. We dropped him off at the testing center (SI) at 7:45am in one of the more chilly mornings.


The three of us drove around to grab breakfast. We almost never go out for breakfast. I was surprised to find many places are still closed, except this dingy looking dim-sum to go place. We sat down and filled our tummies with hot watery porridge and some dim sum. Afterwards, I went for grocery shopping to get the items we need for the week.

The second or third stop we made was driving Ah Lo for his first basketball game. The team lost, but it was always fun to watch the little ones play. After his game, we rushed back to pick up Dai Bee. He was waiting for us by the time we got there. He didn’t complain much about taking the test, nor did he mention if it was too hard/easy for him. He finished the English portion, but didn’t have enough time for the Math part. The test included the essay part – “Originality is over rated.” He did the best he could, but wished for more time. That was the feedback I got.

We had lunch before we went shopping for the boys. Dai Bee has a piano recital next weekend and was asked to dress up in “nice clothes”. All they have are sweat pants and casual clothes. Glad that was taken care of today. His piano recital will be held in a piano gallery. Since he has a Yamaha at home, and he will be playing a Steinway during recital. His teacher suggested for him to try playing on the Steinway piano since the pianos have a different feel to it. We spent a good hour there, waiting for him to practice.


Great thing that Mr. Piggy found a prime spot near the piano gallery and we ended up having dinner in that area (which we almost never venture out to). This is one of those weird days where we ate out for the entire day – breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Saturdays are laundry days for the boys now. Since this summer, Dai Bee picked up a life skill from his residential camp – doing his own laundry – which allowed us a little break. When he came home from camp, he was happy to do his share, and of course, dragged Ah Lo along the way. Both of them take care of cleaning, folding and putting away. Even if the laundry doesn’t turn out perfectly, at least it gets done. See how thrilled they look?


The same day, I invited my mom and sister (and her family) over dinner. This is also the first time I made abalone (frozen ones from Costco.) I got some tips from my other sister on how to make them. Surprisingly, they were pretty easy to make. They came out very delicious and tender, even my mom (with dentures) could gobble them up. Then there were the yummy fried chicken wings.