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Trying it out for the first time – Veracruz style red snapper (recipe here).

[from] ]Veracruz was the first place in Mexico that Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés set foot in 1521, and its port remains a melting pot of cultures as reflected in its food. This recipe of red snapper is cooked with Spanish-inspired mixture of tomatoes, olives, jalapeno peppers, onions and capers. It’s super quick and easy which makes it a perfect weeknight meal.



For our meatless Monday meal, we have orzo with roasted vegetables: roasted red bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, button mushrooms, corn and cherry tomatoes. Didn’t even need any dressing because everything was already flavorful.IMG_2817

Happy to cook for a college friend who happens to be visiting. Originally we were to go out but decided to stay home for some home cooking. She emphasized not to overly stress about preparing for the meal. I told her there wouldn’t be any because I do this almost every day.


The best thing eating at home is that there are no one kicking us out. We chatted for hours, about life, about work, about children, and everything else. We did some math, and hard to believe it’s been 25 years since our college graduation. It’s always nice to see an old friend and reminisce. Tonight was a great way to celebrate our friendship.

LOVE the vibrant colors of this dish. This recipe calls for fennel, which (believe it or not) we’ve never had. It makes perfect sense to add it since it goes so well with the pasta. Since red bell peppers are on sale at the market, I picked up a few, roasted and tossed it right in there. All of a sudden this simple pasta dish lit up: Gemelli with roasted red bell peppers, fennel, leek, cured ham, and golden raisins.


I love the taste of fennel! Especially now that knowing the all the health benefits it provides, it’ll definitely be added to my future dishes.

Simple and delicious. The boys love fish tacos, so I made it tonight. Adding fresh mangos always gives it a good kick to it. Wished I made more since there wasn’t enough to go around. As soon as we were done, Mr. Piggy took out a box of snacks. Sometimes I forget my boys are growing…  IMG_2465

Doing mostly stir frying today as my oldest sister gave us some fresh vegetables – celery, cucumbers and green bell peppers. Everything so healthy here’s what I did with them:

1. stuffed bell peppers over garlic black beans (豆豉蒜蓉煎釀青椒) (first to go).

2. cucumber tomato shrimp (番茄蝦炒青瓜) and

3. celery with shredded lamb (香芹炒肥羊)


My first attempt to make sesame honey beef, but didn’t turn out the way I was hoping for. Will try to get it right the next time…Of course the boys’ eyes lit up when they saw their favorite egg bean curd (玉子豆腐). IMG_1875

Big feast with ma familia today celebrating Year of the Dog. I spent all day today in the kitchen cooking, dicing, plating. I started out with easy pace in the morning and then got nervous when I realized I have a whole bunch of stuff to do!


I made 8 dishes and my sisters made soup, brought fried rice, salt and pepper fish and duck.

We started Prosperity Toss (撈起- or Lo Hey) tradition last year. Since this is the year of the dog, I made the dog design with spiralized zucchini, Japanese daikon, carrots with wood ear (dog’s ears), red bell peppers, smoked salmon and fried wonton skins.


Today is also the day we pass out red envelopes to the kids.

After a long road trip, this is the best way to detox. Plus, I normally get lazy after traveling. This will have to do for tonight.IMG_1805

Made my own beef chow fun (乾炒牛河) for the very first time. All 3 boys love this dish, and it’s almost always an ordered item when we eat Chinese food. The ingredients are simple: beef, wide rice noodles, bean sprouts, onions, green scallions and optional Chinese chives. Making it is also easy. The trick to a good plate of beef chow fun is of course, how to marinade the beef and stir frying the rice noodles. I’ve made it before but was not successful (the noodles tend to clump together). This is my first time making it with fresh noodles. Basically I need to constantly stir to get the noodles to separate.

Homemade beef chow fun lacks the very high heat from the wok, but the flavor is there and it’s a lots less oily! IMG_1365