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A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}



It’s been a few years since we last hit the slopes. I didn’t know I missed it this much. This is the first time we went ski’ed as a family, together. In the boys’ earlier experiences, Mr. Piggy and I will stand around and watch them during their ski lessons. The last couple of times we went, boys were sticking around in the bunny slopes while Mr. Piggy and I went for the blue slopes. This time we all did the intermediate run. I’m sure the next time when we go, the boys will be way ahead of us. IMG_7424-e1546142250821.jpg

Being the 2nd shortest kid on the team, Dai Bee never stops to play fearlessly. He loves basketball but it is a big sport. He plays point guard, so he moves the ball. With towering people chasing him, big feet pounding on the court and constant massive bursts of actions all going after the ball, at times I worry. I worry will he get knocked down? He loves to be on the court. He cherishes the moments given to him on the court. He tries to do his best. Every time breathing the energy him in when he dissects the game and talks about the play, I forget about the power players. For each game, all I could do is sit and watch, cheer and let him play. IMG_7198

InstaTen…10 things currently happening or have happened, Instagram style.


  1.  As of this blog, Dai Bee has been shaving 2-3x a week, for about 3 months now.
  2. Dai Bee has started working once a week as a piano accompaniment at a youth choir.
  3. Ah Lo is playing for AAU, Dragons, and CYO. Should keep him busy for now.
  4. Dai Bee made it to JV for his school’s basketball team.
  5. At recent orthodontist’s appointment, Ah Lo has not been doing a very good job on flossing and putting the trays on [argh]. Yes, even with all the reminders posted around the bathroom area. So we are trying another approach: we will be flossing together. Whenever I floss, he flosses (no matter, where and when). Let’s see if that works.
  6. As of this blog, Ah Lo doesn’t own a phone, is a good thing, but bad when I need to locate him.
  7. No video games during weekends for Ah Lo when he has a B on his progress report <- please don’t judge, Tiger Mom 101. There were a few weekends he hasn’t touched video games, instead, he read more books.
  8. Dai Bee has set up a Mah Jong club at school, he’s been practicing with us. Now both boys know how to play at beginner’s level.
  9. Setting goals to hike at least twice a month.
  10. Report cards are out soon, hope to see good results from both.

Another busy weekend of basketball. We had two games yesterday and 3 games today. The gym was in the middle of nowhere, and the game schedule was so spread apart, but not too far apart to go anywhere. We were basically stuck in the gym for almost the entire day.  1-1 on Saturday, and 2-1 on Sunday. Ah Lo has improved so much in the last few months it’s fun to watch him play these days.

Came home and steamed these savory rice rolls (banh cuon) for dinner. I made some for my mom last Friday and had some leftover fillings. So I just kept it simple and stuffed everyone with these rice rolls.


Very rare that Ah Lo’s games happen so close to each other and so close to home. Almost feel unreal. Anyhow, I’m not complaining because it gave us plenty of time to get some work done in the house.

These days, I’m working on Halloween crafts – pumpkins, costumes, and jump start on the CNY red envelopes (yes, I’m waaaay ahead). Plus I cook too… IMG_5782

Another weekend of basketball. Ah Lo didn’t play very well yesterday. He didn’t play much. Again, there were two games today. He was one of the starters and played somewhat decent the 1st Q. Not sure what happened, he missed a few rebounds and got benched immediately. I am not sure if that made him even more nervous because the next few rounds when he was in the court, he messed up even more. Of course, the coach barked at him. By the end of the game, Ah Lo was so upset he didn’t want to continue. He stormed out when the team gathered, found a quiet place and cried his eyes out.

I gave him more pep talk, fed him with more positive thoughts, and encouraged him to get back to his feet. When we were done with lunch, he was much calmer and receptive. He didn’t get to play much 2nd game, but that was totally fine. He was much more relaxed when the game was over.


Being in a competitive sport is hard. It’s not for everyone, especially with a coach who kicks butts. Though this coach is mean and loud, deep down, I know he has a big heart and wants his kids to perform at their highest potential. Not many kids can understand and not many parents would accept this coaching style. I think after today, Ah Lo’s skin grew a bit thicker.

Today Ah Lo’s team played 2 games. Since one of the starters was not present, he got to step in and played most of the game. In both games, he played exceptionally well. He made such an improvement even the coaches noticed the big change (he’s rebounding more, plays more aggressively, makes better shots, better handling of the ball, he even jumps higher!). The assistant coach actually acknowledged him as the MVP for one of the games. We were all so proud of him. He still has a lot of room for improvement and more skills to be developed, but glad to see he’s making progress.


Basketball season is back on track. 3 games in one day. This is just for one of his teams he plays for. When the season season is in full swing, it’ll be another crazy hectic year.IMG_5211

Boys completed their 5th (for Ah Lo) and 4th (for Dai Bee) triathlon today: 200-yard swim, 6-mile bike, 1-1/4 mile run. This will be their last which means one thing, I’m going to find other activities for next summer!

TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: DQ – because Dai Bee might have swam one less lap.


TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: 45:44, with 1:43 and 0:50 transitioning times, respectively.

IMG_4107So proud of all the big and little ones for finishing this difficult race. Everyone did an awesome job!IMG_4115IMG_4121