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This has got to be the most disorganized birthday party I’ve every thrown. March has been such a crazy week for us with tournaments and school activities, all our weekends are fully booked except today (the only day). Because of so, I realized there weren’t much availability for a birthday party. However, Ah Lo just wanted something small, hanging out with his friends. Again, the only day and time available was today. So I just sent out an email invitation to a handful of people which I wasn’t getting much response. Anyway, at the very last minute, I whipped up a simple hard copy invitation since I didn’t know most of the folks’ emails. Not knowing who he invited and clueless of who will show up (most didn’t even RSVP), I scrambled to buy some snacks, fruits and cupcakes in the morning of. I would loved to bake, but just couldn’t find the time.

Another stressful thing was I didn’t even reserve a site! We’ve been at that park a couple of times to fly the drone. It has always been a little quiet with light foot traffic. Since I didn’t even know who to call to make reservations, we just showed up and started marking our territory. Luckily we didn’t have any issues with anyone. We brought a whole bunch of games and just enough NERF guns to entertain the boys. The two hours just flew by and everyone had fun. Whew!

Planning is always a plus, but sometimes acting on spontaneity can bring surprises even if it’s messy at times. The cupcakes got crushed while we were moving the table to be in the shade. LOL. Weather was unbelievably cooperative today! What a big bonus. At the end of the day, Ah Lo got what he wanted (to spend time with his friends) and I couldn’t asked for a better party (not too bad for a last minute planning).

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.46.05 PM

We had some friends over Sunday, and I made a coffee cake roll for dessert. Since I had leftover frosting, I decided to bake my nephew a birthday! Yesterday, I brought a mango (his favorite). After slicing the mango, I realized it wasn’t enough to cover the whole cake. So I covered the top with chocolate sprinkles.

Happy birthday to Mr. T, whose turning 8 tomorrow. He’s the sweetest little guy I know. img_6020


Today is a fairly light day. Baseball practice in the morning before heading to Mr. Piggy’s nephew’s 1st birthday party. We pretty much spent the whole day with them, chilling. I even got to sneak out a couple of hours to shop for a few items.


Here’s the birthday boy. Mattie is a happy child in general, according to his parents. Just today was a bit crazy for him to see so many strange faces who wanted a piece of him. Poor guy was so tired and overwhelmed by the party he was clinging on to his parents the whole time. We’ve seen him in a much more cheerful mood. I could have used a better picture, but this one is too cute to leave out.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.35.50 PM

Dai Bee’s birthday is coming up, so Ah Lo and I got busy the last week to bake him his birthday cakes (2, one for his friends and one for the family). Yesterday (Friday) was the only day we have available. From birthday invitation to activities, he took the lead planning his own party with his friends. The party was very casual, no decorations, no special themes, no party favors, nothing fancy. Just his friends meeting up after school, shoot some hoops at the nearby park, then back home. A simple homemade dinner, a fun movie and a cake, were all it took for a fun party.

This is the first party where it dawn on me I really don’t need all that hoopla. I realized the boys had so much fun, just being around each other, joking around and that’s all that matters. Some of the boys had their guitar from school. So they played some songs to entertain the rest of the group. It was just that simple.

Today, celebrating with his cousins and my side of the family, was also fairly easy going. After dinner, we watched a chinese movie, and then cake.

Cake for his friends (coffee cake roll):


Cake for the bigger crowd (white cake with mango filling):



Jam packed Saturday. Dragging myself and the rest of the gang out of bed at 7:15am on a weekend is always a challenge. We have a busy schedule today, starting with our Super 5k run (as a family). Hey, we managed. I had to shut off the moan and groan about running so early, getting up so early, blah blah blah…right about there, I tuned off the sound. We were there early and lucky to found a great parking spot.

The boys who were whining the whole morning ended up taking the lead and finished the race in 33 minutes.

IMG_1131 We even got a small “break” in between before we dropped off Dai Bee on his theory class. Sadly, he was the only one who present, so we were glad we could make it. Grabbed lunch right afters before Dai Bee heads to his Solo Ensemble Music Festival. He was chosen by his guitar teacher to play a more advanced piece with another kid in his class. They received a Superior-CP (Commanding Performance) rating (the highest possible). As soon as we got home, Mr. Piggy took them to swimming while I prepare the logistics for Ah Lo’s birthday party (with his friends) at home.

It was low key-pizza/movie themed birthday party. Surprisingly, only 3 of Ah Lo’s friends showed up. He invited 8, 1 couldn’t come because of a fever, 1 RSVP and said he’ll be here, but no show. The rest didn’t bother responding, even though they told him they were coming. Anyway, for me it was great to keep the party small, easier to control. For Ah Lo, it would have been better entertaining a couple more of course. However, the low turnout didn’t dampen his mood. He still had a great time with those who could come.


Threw a birthday party for the Girl. This was a crazy week for me. It was a short week and every night there was something to do in the evening. Since we were out of town tomorrow, I had to put on some OT hours to get this party going. I knew for sure I wouldn’t have the time to cook anything because of my busy schedule. The only thing I could do was to bake a cake.

And this is what a birthday cake looks like for a high school junior! It was a big hit!


Dai Bee’s friend invited Dai Bee to go-kart at Driven Raceway in Fairfield. I asked the family if I can bring Ah Lo along since he’s never been. The family was gracious enough to let us tag along. It was an hour drive to get there, 45 minutes of wait time for a 2 minute ride. The boys had a blast. What a great way to spend the day.


What supposed to be my lazy day turned out to be a productive day after all. Today is Memorial Day which happens to be Mr. Piggy’s birthday. He has to work (from home) and gave me some time to run errands in the morning. Took the boys to the park in the afternoon and came home to whip out Mr. Piggy’s birthday dinner. We had drumsticks, garlic string beans and shitake mushrooms with brown rice.


What’s a birthday celebration without a birthday cake? Instead of the traditional sweet cake, I made him a fruit cake. Mr. Piggy has met his quota for sweet stuff for the year. He’s lucky to be born in the melon season!! Everything was so so sweet! Happy Birthday, Mr. Piggy.


Top view of the cake:


Yesterday was Dai Bee’s birthday, and he wanted to celebrate with family. So I invited my side of the family for a small gathering. I made something simple for the party – egg noodles, tofu, ginger chicken wings, and some greens.


For his birthday cake, I made the Japanese cotton cheesecake, topped it with whipping cream and berries.


This is mango mochi (芒果糯米糍) I made on the side for the very first time. I love mochi and I love mango, what a great combination.