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Going for Korean tonight, with my two nieces and sister over for dinner. It seems a lot, but I made the side dishes a head of time, so technically, I’m only making the kimchi fried rice. I prepared the Soondubu (tofu stew) base over the weekend, so it didn’t take much time. HK’s step grandma was super nice to offer marinated the short ribs for me. I picked it up after work, and grilled it. This looks like a lot of work, but if you spread it out, yes, this can be a weeknight meal!IMG_7811

We also celebrated my niece’s birthday (tomorrow) with this number cake:IMG_7815


My nieces are coming to dinner Monday. Since Tuesday is her actual birthday, I decided to make her a cake! After making one for Dai Bee a couple of months ago, I’ve been itchy to make another one. Well, my niece coming over for dinner presents the perfect opportunity. Knowing I’d be busy on Monday, I started preparing today. Here’s the crust. IMG_4062

Today’s special moment goes to Mr. Piggy. Got up early to make him breakfast. IMG_3211I also took the day off. We enjoyed lunch and watched a movie, just like the good old days, except we were on a curfew (need to be home at certain time to chauffer the boys afternoon activities, back to reality of playing parents again).IMG_3218


Here’s the cake I was talking about! It’s all over internet and I’m hopping on the band wagon to make one for Dai Bee. This turned out beautifully and I got to share it with my side of the family.IMG_2940

On his actual day, we went out at his favorite restaurant. Yesterday, we had a small gathering at my mom’s house to enjoy this lovely cake. Today, he hung out with a couple of his friends, had dinner then watched a movie (Avengers: Infinity War). These birthdays are simple, and I don’t miss the days when I wreck my brain to come up with a (big) memorable party.

Yesterday, I baked a cake roll for my sisters (who were both born year of the dog, and same month!) I was pretty happy with it except just a note to myself not to use parchment paper!

IMG_2789With the leftover batter, I baked some cupcakes as well. I decided last minute to make the coconut jello using mah jong mold (I bought a while ago). I didn’t have enough time to ‘freeze’ it longer, so it started to melt (ack). Anyway, can’t wait to play with this more in the future!IMG_2798

Decorated these cupcakes and a birthday cake (using Reese’s pieces) for Ah Lo’s basketball themed party. He celebrated his birthday with his friends in the early afternoon, then basketball teammates after practice and finally at night, with my family (pizza party). He made pesto pasta for lunch and watched a movie with his friends. Luckily there weren’t that many of them, so it was very manageable. Since I started baking earlier this week and no cooking involved, I got to enjoy the day a bit.IMG_2322

Boys’ cousin, KK, is celebrating her birthday today at a rock climbing facility. She invited the boys to come along! Dai Bee was at his piano recital so he had to miss the climbing while Ah Lo got to enjoy some fun. IMG_7977

To the most creative, smart, happy, unselfish, 7 year old girl, keep dreaming big dreams! Happy Birthday!IMG_7979

Celebrating Mr. Piggy’s belated birthday today. His birthday was a few days ago but because of graduations left and right, we finally got a chance to celebrate his birthday today. We didn’t go out, just made some  homemade garlic noodles, vegetables and steamed a couple of crabs.IMG_7692

Even made a fruit tart as the dessert for the very first time.  Happy belated birthday Mr. Piggy, thanks for being so patient and waiting for your turn!IMG_7694

At Dai Bee’s first fencing competition. Boys have been taking fencing for some time now, and this was his first competition. He’s probably the only one doing this the first time since I was the only one taking pictures while the other parents were sitting there chilling. It was pretty low key, not much yelling or cheering. We spent a good chunk of time watching and waiting. He wasn’t the last one on the rank, so I take it that’s a pretty good?!IMG_7270

Mr. Piggy’s nephew is turning 2 today. After the fencing competition, we went to his house to celebrate with him. I made this minion piñata for him (or for his older cousins). He had no clue of what the game was, but managed to swing with his bat. The kids (my boys) had more fun at it than he did! IMG_7274 (1)DSC_0552 (1)

Dai Bee has invited some of his close friends over tomorrow to celebrate his birthday with him. Though he’s been telling me he doesn’t need a cake, I thought what’s a birthday without a cake? Since they are into emoji’s / instagram these days, thought this would be the perfect dessert to have. He did help out making the cake!

Poop emoji: chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream frosting. Kissing emoji: strawberry vanilla cake.IMG_7231