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For lunch today, I baked pizza to go with some witch’s fingers (mozzarella sticks). Happy Halloween’s eve!

No tricks this year, just all treats.

What’s the best way to enjoy pumpkin soup? Enjoy it with a spider of course!

Fixing Frankenstein’s hair with black olives was a lot more work than I thought! (^‿^)

Otherwise, this came out to be a fun and delicious meal to get into the Halloween spirit!

My first attempt to make pound cake. I made half a loaf just because I wasn’t too confident in getting this right, especially our oven is acting up. Well it ended up a little bit on the dry side (thanks to the oven..ugh).

I drew the jack-o-lantern face with some melted chocolate just for fun!

Let the spookiness begin! This is our normal staple, rice and a dish, but just added some Halloween spirit to it.

Getting into the Halloween spirit, I made this for lunch with tofu and minced pork.

Baked these scrumptious pumpkin bread for the boys this morning for breakfast. I was browsing through my IG posts a couple of days ago and saw these (made a few years ago). They tasted better than the ones I baked last time!

2020 has been a weird year. Everything has been at a halt. So many traditions have been deterred because of the pandemic. With work taking up a good chunk of the time, I wasn’t sure if I was able to work on the pumpkins this year. Well, I’m glad I did. Initially, I wanted to do Covid-19 themed pumpkins this year, but thought we had enough of Covid-19 already, why not something fun for a change? So here we are, please join me to welcome our 2020 pumpkins.

Here are 2019 pumpkins.

Our homemade costumes this year! I was thinking about it all year long and then when the day came, I got busy at work, and couldn’t come up with any.  My sisters and I were exchanging ideas, and then we finally decided on this simple but fun one – stick figures!

Thank you boys for putting up with my crazy ideas and make you guys do it with me!

Happy Halloween everyone!