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Took the day to hang out with my nieces and nephews. After lunch with my sisters and their little ones, we went home to clean ‘out’ the pumpkins. The boys look forward to this every year because they love the roasted pumpkin seeds (with various flavors). We recruited a few helpers this year who were eager to dig in.


Boys just want to stick with the basic salt & pepper and Garlic butter this year. See how long this lasts.img_4840-1


Happy Halloween.


Here’s one I made for my sister. With the balloons, she’s in full costume!


Finally done with this year’s costumes! Only spent $3 on paint from Michael’s which also covers the pumpkins! I took the big cardboard boxes from work, so this year’s entire costumes cost me $3 and the time, of course. Can’t wait to see what everyone else is wearing tomorrow!


Introducing our 2016 Pumpkins.img_4667

One of the many things to do on a gloomy rainy day. Painting pumpkins is the family tradition now. We carved it one year but the pumpkins didn’t last very long. Plus painting is a lot easier! Can you guess what our theme is for this year?


Finally done with my sister’s Halloween costume. Her family is dressing up as a characters from Pixar’s UP movie this year. She’s going to be the “flying house with balloons.” Initially I was going to make something simple. Somehow it turned out to be a 3-D house.


I had the boys help finishing the job with the paint. I don’t think they followed the exact color of the house from the movie. I just told them “to make it colorful.”  Now all my sister needs is balloons!

Favorite activity to do the day after Halloween! What candy?



Normally we have Halloween party at my sister’s. This year so happens to fall on a Saturday, so I decided to host it. We decided to go with something simple for the night – pizza. However, those who know me know that I love to play with food. So I did a little bit more than just pizza. Right when I thought I jello’ed out, I made more! White ghostly cups were made from a almond jello and the candy corns were orange and lemon jello’s. If this is not enough of sweets, before the night hits, we were out get more sugar-high with our trick-or-treaters. Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.37.14 PM

Yes, ok, this isn’t much of a costume. My initial idea was to make m&m’s t-shirts to go with our pumpkins. So I bought the t-shirts ($2.50 each) of the m&m colors. The busy me said that was perfectly fine, but constantly fighting with the crafty me, arguing that would be too simple (inside my head).  So before I can do anything to change it, work got busy and time was running out. That left me with the candy themed costumes. Well, this has to do it for 2015, until next year…Happy Halloween!


Using the Vietnamese grilled pork sausage or grilled meatball, a popular Vietnamese food item (nem nuong) to wrap the spring rolls for the girl’s lunch today. Just did the nori cut-outs the night before, and voila, lunch is ready for Halloween!


Turning a boring turkey sandwich into another fun Halloween bento for the girl…