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It’s that time of year again – roasted pumpkin seeds. Normally we would wait around one more week to clear out the seeds of the pumpkins. Since our schedule is wide opened, we decided to make the snack today. The boys decided to have: (a) salt and pepper, (b) garlic butter and (3) soy sauce for the pumpkin seeds this year.  IMG_0292IMG_0291


Our homemade Halloween costume this year! Simple, but fun…WE did get a lot of attention while T-o-Ting. IMG_0265Like previous years, we went to my sister’s neighborhood to do trick or treating. Surprised my boys are still up for it. Here’s their loot!IMG_0278

Showing off our 2017 pumpkins!IMG_0213

That time of year again. Check back to see what we’re working on for this year!

Here’s our 2016 pumpkins!

Getting ready for Halloween, start making costumes. Can you tell what we’re wearing this year?IMG_9930

Took the day to hang out with my nieces and nephews. After lunch with my sisters and their little ones, we went home to clean ‘out’ the pumpkins. The boys look forward to this every year because they love the roasted pumpkin seeds (with various flavors). We recruited a few helpers this year who were eager to dig in.


Boys just want to stick with the basic salt & pepper and Garlic butter this year. See how long this lasts.img_4840-1

Happy Halloween.


Here’s one I made for my sister. With the balloons, she’s in full costume!


Finally done with this year’s costumes! Only spent $3 on paint from Michael’s which also covers the pumpkins! I took the big cardboard boxes from work, so this year’s entire costumes cost me $3 and the time, of course. Can’t wait to see what everyone else is wearing tomorrow!


Introducing our 2016 Pumpkins.img_4667

Here’s last year’s pumpkins!

One of the many things to do on a gloomy rainy day. Painting pumpkins is the family tradition now. We carved it one year but the pumpkins didn’t last very long. Plus painting is a lot easier! Can you guess what our theme is for this year?