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In the height of Indian summer, I’m trying to stay away from the stove. Sandwiches came to mind! Because it’s meatless Monday today – I’ve made seared tofu banh mi. The boys don’t care for the picked radish, but they still finished the sandwich! I loved it, because I love everything made with tofu. I’d definitely try this again.

Looking back, this marks our first anniversary of having Meatless Mondays. We started this a year ago, and still going strong!


Here is a bento to celebrate the mid-autumn festival this weekend…


Rilakkuma turkey sandwiches for Monday’s lunch.


Turkey and cheese sandwiches today for the 4 rascals. Simple, but healthy.


Winnie the Pooh Bentos for today’s lunches. I didn’t have enough time to carve out Winnie 4 times, so I only did two. These are smoked turkey sandwiches on torta bread which every one enjoyed!

IMG_6543 IMG_6542

One? Yes, one only. I made it only because C2 said she was Instragmmed famous now ever since she posted her last lunch. So I made this smoked turkey sandwich just get her even more popular!


Here are my lunches for today. Originally, I had planned to make sushi rolls. This morning, not only did I spend 10 minutes trying to locate the mold, the rice turned out a bit watery. Just not my kinda planning. So I move on to Plan B! PBJ sandwiches for everyone. I made an extra one (kitten) for the little boy’s older sister (per the mom request). It’s a bit sloppy since it was done at very last minute. Oh wells, I’ll work on better ones tomorrow!


Today I am thankful for a hot bowl of oatmeal…”

It’s getting harder and harder to get up these days. Not sure it’s because of the weather (which makes me want to snuggle in bed) or just lack of sleep? Anyway, every morning I”d tell myself to go bed earlier and earlier. Every night, I’ll find something to read, to do, to listen, to watch that I end up sleeping my normal time (which is still pretty early).

Oh well, I made two ham and cheese sandwiches for the boys with two very famous cartoon characters. One from the west meeting the east. The boys are not familiar who Doraemon is. Since Ah Lo is pickier, he chose Pooh for his lunch.


Today I am thankful for a relaxing morning…”

The much anticipated storm finally came. Well, we should feel lucky that the storm is nothing close to east coast. And we need the rain, as always. So, let’s get our rain boots and gloves ready to keep the boys cozy.


These are ham sandwiches with shrimp chips and tangerine. The umbrella is made of half of a swill roll.


“Today I am thankful for my rain boots…”

Back to the Halloween bentos, especially the last two lunches were focused on baseball! These are ham and cheese sandwiches with Japanese nori snacks. The frankenstein and skeleton containers hold goldfish crackers for their snacks during recess. S.P.O.O.K.Y. Eh…

Haunted house and bats are cut outs from cheddar cheese and seaweed (nori).

“Today I am thankful for a smooth day…”