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Boys completed their 5th (for Ah Lo) and 4th (for Dai Bee) triathlon today: 200-yard swim, 6-mile bike, 1-1/4 mile run. This will be their last which means one thing, I’m going to find other activities for next summer!

TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: DQ – because Dai Bee might have swam one less lap.


TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: 45:44, with 1:43 and 0:50 transitioning times, respectively.

IMG_4107So proud of all the big and little ones for finishing this difficult race. Everyone did an awesome job!IMG_4115IMG_4121


Spend the day celebrating America’s birthday by picnicking with Mr. Piggy’s family (at Lafayette Reservoir). We also rented a boat around the reservoir to get some sun. Happy 4th!IMG_4057

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember – {this moment}IMG_3973

Last weekend – after graduation, one of our sisters brought us to a place at Lake Berryessa to fishing. They warned us the place was steep, borderline dangerous. We had no clue it was right off of a cliff that required us to slide down a rope to get to our destination. The kids were excited to repel down and before any decisions were made, half of them were on their way. Some of us were in sandals and were not prepared, not to mention, carrying a 3-year old with us. We did it anyway, and counted our blessings that everyone made it safe and in one piece!Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.13.56 PMOf course there was a reason why my BIL decided to stay put. Almost everyone caught a fish, some more than others, within minutes time. We all cheered for each other and was happy no injuries at this daring escapade. This will be a good story to tell for a long time.Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.13.38 PM

Tonight, my sister called again to see if we would be interested to join them for another fishing adventure in Ocean Beach. Crazy, we almost never go out after dinner (at home), but we did. Surprisingly, the weather was not as chilly as usual. My BIL caught a small one, but some fishermen were kind enough to give us 3 more so we didn’t come home empty ended!


Our annual pancreatic awareness walk was today. This year our group was much smaller with just the 3 of us and my younger niece and nephew. One of my sisters took Ah Lo and her family to a basketball game in Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful day for the walk, in memory of my dearest dad. IMG_3442IMG_3401EDIT

Today is a more productive day for Dai Bee. He has his violin recital (Scene de Ballet by de Beriot) in the morning at SF Conservatory of Music. Then went out for a haircut followed by piano lesson in the afternoon. Afterwards we all went home to watch Super Bowl 52.

Great to have my family living so close, and even greater to have cousins who are (fairly) close in age. Since I’m back to work today and thankful that my sister and BIL can take my boys for a fishing trip. They went from pier to pier on a chilly day trying to get a good catch.

Results of their fishing expedition- lost 3 hooks, 2 weights, 1 line, and gained 0 fish, and a few giggles.


Keeping up with traditions, we’re putting up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving! This tradition has passed on to the boys now. They recruited their cousins to come help since this may take a few hours. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” was playing on the radio, the perfect song for this activity!

Summer will be officially over for the boys tomorrow. Let’s tally up how many of these did we accomplish in these 2 short months?IMG_9550

The brothers performed at Onlok Senior Home yesterday. It was a Friday, so we couldn’t get too many people to participate. Dai Bee played most of the time with 5 songs while Ah Lo played 2. One of the songs Dai Bee played was a Chinese song (月亮代表我的心). The seniors clapped with the tune and sang along. It was the sweetest thing to watch. Glad the boys are much more comfortable performing for others now. It’s such a special gift to be able to play music. They just don’t know it yet.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.53.52 AMUntitledAfter the performance, we met up with my sister at a gym to play badminton and ping pong. We were there for a good 3 hours, yet they still find the energy to shoot hoops when they came home.Untitled