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Summer vacation is coming to an end. My sisters and I found an excuse for a small get gathering (potluck style)! Nothing fancy, it’s a way to help bring the summer to a close and get the kids together to make the leap into the fall season. It seems like all the kiddos are ready for another great school year!


Excited to learn that Ah Lo is picked by his teachers as one of the speakers at his promotion ceremony. He was a bit hesitant at first, but with some nudges, he finally agreed. I suggested he finds video from YouTube to get ideas of what to write, how to start and so forth. Couple of nights ago, he was frustrated because he wasn’t getting anywhere with the speech. Like most kids, he wanted to give up. Again, with some more encouragement, he dried his eyes and kept writing.

I was warned by his teacher not to help him (so that I would have the surprise factor), and I stayed out. His teacher and he worked on a few revisions. I can’t wait to hear it next week! I would probably need a box of Kleenex.


Dai Bee’s last orchestra performance at his school. He was performing for choir last Thursday. The school year is coming to an end and with all these school performances and activities, luckily we live so close to school!


In the mail today.IMG_6361Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.11.34 PM

Dai Bee just joined track-n-field at his school. This is the only school sport he’s joined in the last 3 years, only because it doesn’t require try-outs and everyone makes it. Finally after weeks of assessment, he is competing in the 200m event this Friday. These shoes are loaner from the school.


We had parent-teacher conference with Ah Lo’s teacher today.

His teacher’s comments: “Ah Lo continues to do well in 5th grade. He is clearly an advanced reader, as noted in assessments and in classroom discussions. However, I think sometimes he does not push himself as much as he could because some of the assignments are easy for him. He knows I want to try for his best effort. In informational writing, Ah Lo shows good organization, but must sometimes be prompted to add more detail or a better conclusion. He is easily able to improve his work. Mathematics continues to be a strength for Ah Lo, but he should always slow down and check his work. Ah Lo did a great job during our dance and poetry performance, even though getting up on the stage is not his ‘cup of tea.’ His artwork and organization continue to astound me.

Ah Lo has outstanding behavior in and out of the classroom. He is a thoughtful, kind and helpful person. I really want Ah Lo to reach is potential as a learner and I know with a little more effort he can do even better work. I know he will enjoy the upcoming challenges and tasks as we close out the fifth grade year. He is a special guy.

He really is…

Ah Lo’s SRI Lexile index has gone up from 1162 to 1302. What a great improvement since the beginning of this year.

Ah Lo has a project due next week and I’m having him finish it this week. His teacher will probably think I’m one of those “tiger moms.” Anyway, it’s a long weekend, and thankfully, we are pretty free this weekend, why not?! I assisted, but tried my best to stay away because I will probably “take over” the project if I am near. screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-42-05-am

Ah Lo’s creation of Jamestown and their environment. My hands are itching to add more, but reminded myself, this is a 5th grader’s project after all.


Ah Lo wrote a poem and won 2nd place in the Literature Category at the school’s PTA Reflections Art Contest – “What is your story?” The program is a wonderful way for kids to explore their creativity in a number of different ways, including dance choreography, film production, music composition, visual arts, photography and of course, literature.

The boys have entered in the past (Dai Bee did music composition and Ah Lo, visual arts a couple years.) Since this is our last year with the school, this is not a bad souvenir to take home!



Busy night for us with activities back to back. Dai Bee has a winter concert, where he performs for the orchestra and choir. Both Ah Lo and Dai Bee have basketball practices happening the same night. Luckily the timing works out beautifully as Ah Lo has practice during Dai Bee’s performance. The great thing was the performance and practice are in the same location! How great is that?! After performance, Dai Bee changed (from a musician to a basketball player).

Dai Bee is also the concertmaster at his school’s orchestra. Because he’s part of the choir, he only played one song (the “Little Drummer Boy). Still, I thought he did great (but then, I might be biased.) This kid never ceases to amaze me.


Met up with Ah Lo’s teacher today for parent-teacher conference. I look forward to these conferences every time, especially this year, with this teacher. His teacher is great because she not only pushes her kids to their abilities, but I love the fact that she”differentiates.” She not only teaches the academics – reading, math, etc, but also the social aspect – manners, being responsible, etc. He has demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility thus far, i.e. by getting me to sign forms, or produces higher quality homework to meet teacher’s expectations, etc. This is something beyond the classroom, and for this, we are extremely grateful that he can blossom under her guidance.

Academically, he exceeds expectations in all areas. We are so proud of our little guy!

His teacher’s comments: “It is such a pleasure to have this hardworking and respectful young man in my class.Ah Lo is working at and above grade level in all subject areas. HIs reading fluency and comprehension level is high and regularly contributes high level thinking to our classroom discussions regarding literature. Ah Lo is an accomplished writing and consistently shows creativity, organization and detail is his essays. He is advanced in his use of punctuation in his writing and has a very high vocabulary. His math skills are high, but he does need to work on rushing through sometimes. Ah Lo has done well on the state and capitals assessments and may now move on to South America! It is a pleasure to see Ah Lo’s thoughtful and well developed artwork, which reflects his understanding of design and presentation.

Ah Lo is very respectful to me and is well regarded by his classmates. He is always kind and helpful and  has a smile on his face. Ah Lo is doing very well in his first trimester as a fifth grader.”

Ah Lo’s SRI Lexile index is: 1162. The Lexile level measures a student reader’s ability. For him, anything over 800 is above grade level. I think he jumped 200 pts since last year.

Dai Bee’s SRI Lexile is 1462.