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Meatless Monday tonight calls for a hearty and flavorful dumpling recipe filled with diced five spice tofu, chives, carrots, black ear fungus and jicama (for the crunch). Pan fried, just couldn’t get any better than this.Untitled

Making dumplings for boys’ lunches over the weekend. I normally make a big batch and freeze them. These are great for last minute lunches. Adding some chives to the filling, and not quite sure how the boys’ reaction. We shall wait and see.


Enjoying some down time today, I decided to make dumplings. Not just making dumplings, but also attempted to make a tutorial for it. Wow, I have to give credit for those who make video tutorials for anything. It takes a lot of work! I don’t cook well with recipes, so getting this video instruction is quite difficult. I’m sure I missed a few steps in between. If you are looking for how to make dumplings, this will give you an idea. I’m sure there are better instructions out there if you want to learn step by step. This is for fun, so please try not to critique my video/editing skills.

With approximately 2lbs of chicken thigh meat (minced), a quarter of a cabbage, 5-6 black mushrooms and a handful of “cloud ear” (雲耳), I used 1-1/2 bags of wrappers. This should give me a better idea of how much to buy for the next time.

Ah Lo normally doesn’t eat mushrooms. Every time when I make dumplings, I would split the filling into half (half with and half without mushrooms). This time, I just did one batch. The great news is that he ate all of them, and said they were delicious!