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My older sister gave us a whole bunch of zucchinis. Of course, one of the best way to enjoy them is making zoodles! IMG_4066I think zoodles are best with avocado pesto! I substituted pine nuts with pistachios. Grilled some chicken thighs, it was divine!IMG_4150


Lobster feast! Decided to invite my mom, sisters and BILs to celebrate Father’s Day altogether. Surprisingly, most of them didn’t have dinner plans (or they just show up for anything that don’t require cooking…LOL). Mr. Piggy and I picked these up from Costco. IMG_3787

I made succotash on the side. Bread was also store bought, which makes this meal for 14 not so bad (not too much work required).IMG_3790Last but not not least, Happy Father’s Day to this guy!IMG_3791

Another one pot wonder for a quick weeknight meal – Coconut red curry shrimp with couscous (easy recipe adapted from Martha Stewart – Sarah Carey). Ah Lo usually fills up half of his tummy before his practice. Otherwise, he won’t eat until 8:30pm or later.  Therefore, I only have 30 mins  from the time I get back home to having the food on the table. Quick and easy on days like these are key.IMG_3584

Now that I have chiropractor appointments during lunch time, I don’t spend time running to chinatown buying groceries. Therefore, I’m going with what’s easy (store bought pesto sauce) on our meatless Monday meals.IMG_3576

Meatless Monday meal – fusilli with roasted red bell peppers, pioppini mushrooms, snap peas and avocado.IMG_3493IMG_3499

Tonight Ah Lo has a choir performance at school, so another one of those eat and run weeknight meal. Luckily I had time to prepare the vegetables yesterday, so this didn’t take long to make. Didn’t get a chance to snap a picture when everything is mixed up. Everyone was too anxious to dig in. When everything is mixed, I was surprised this tasted so good, especially with the crusty bottom.  I cooked the rice in the rice cooker and add it to the pan (simmer to give that crusty bottom).  IMG_3184

Now I can sit back and enjoy Ah Lo’s school spring choir/guitar performance.

Ah Lo, our picky eater, was glad to see we’re back to the “basics,” food he grew up with. Stir fry and steamed eggs for dinner. My quest to try new recipes will still continue, but we’re taking a break today. He ate two bowls of rice!

I finally mastered the technique of steaming eggs that they are silky smooth. The trick is to cover it when steaming, and exactly 8 minutes in low medium heat. This is a popular dish in our family.

Enjoying the meatless Monday with a homemade margarita! I love how this is such an inexpensive meal to make (even got my own sauce). The basil leaves were from a Vietnamese restaurant we dined at this past weekend. The kids love it!IMG_3086Untitled

While the boys are watching the Warriors playoff, I’m in the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner. I make Bánh cuốn (Vietnamese dish of rice batter crepes, filled with a savory meat filling) on a weekend because it really does take 2 hours to make (more or less). I prepped the filling earlier today. Rolling these takes tremendous patience. Normally, people roll these in an envelope style. However, I think rolling these up like so don’t seem so doughy, which I prefer. I’ve made these before and vow not to make it again. Same with this time, but after the meal, I’m already thinking what variation I can play with next time.IMG_2962

We’re having clams with linguine tonight! Super excited it all worked out because I went to Chinatown to get the clams during lunch. It’s a few hours before cooking it, so I was worried what to do with them. Luckily I found a big container at work to soak them in water for the time being. IMG_2844

We basically inhaled this. I seriously don’t remember even chewing it. Dinner was ready at 6:05pm, and we finished by 6:15pm! SLURP! It took longer to cook it (20 minutes or so).