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Quick and easy dinner for a short weeknight (since Ah Lo has practice). This is the recipe I follow. However, it turned out on the saltier side since Mr. Piggy marinade it with garlic salt instead of garlic powder. So he marinated it with salt and garlic salt. That’s why he doesn’t really belong in the kitchen!img_7943


It’s super tiring hosting back to back, from clean up to cooking, glad my boys all pitched in to help, especially Mr. Piggy. For my family, I offered to make everything (yes, I really enjoyed cooking that much).

Here’s the menu:

  • grilled vegetables (eggplants, red bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, corn, portobello mushrooms, green beans and broccolini)
  • mixed green salad (with oranges and pomegranate kernels, sprinkled with pistachios and crumbled feta cheese, homemade orange honey salad dressing)
  • beef flanks with salad (made that for Mr. Piggy’s Thanksgiving meal)
  • BBQ pork sliders
  • garlic butter with brussel sprouts (wreath)
  • Chicken
  • my sister made clam linguine


IMG_7393DSC_7804DSC_7803Wasn’t sure if I had the time to bake a cake, but I managed to squeeze some time in! This is a chocolate cake and I had so much decorating it with my nieces. Everyone enjoyed it and good thing we didn’t have too much leftovers!IMG_7392.jpg

Let the unwrapping begin!


We stayed most of the day today. It was perfect since it was raining. We had a load of chores to do, rooms to clean and cookies to bake!

As one of the Christmas countdown activity, the boys get to request their favorite lunch, and of course, it’s the clay pot rice that they wanted. Easy peasy, whipped it up with a Christmas feel and we’re all set. It’s really looking a lot like Christmas.  IMG_7285

This is a dish that the boys order every single time when we dine at a Thai restaurant. Doesn’t matter lunch or dinner, whether it’s listed on the menu or not, pad see ew, they call it as soon as they walk into a Thai place. As they grow older, one plate is never enough. They scarfed it down in minutes.

Today for our meatless Monday, I made (for the first time) pad see ew with tofu. They also finished it in record time!IMG_7192

The cooling moist air and the dampness from the rain remind us that the season is kicking in full speed. Since Tuesdays are short nights due to practice, I tend to make the meal a day ahead. By the time I’m back home, I will have dinner ready in 15 minutes. Tonight was the perfect night to slurp down a nice hot bowl of Vietnamese beef stew. I made this yesterday with instant pot, and bought the flat noodles during lunch.

It was very rare to see the boys finishing their meal before me!

Last weekend, we stopped by a Korean place. One of the many banchan offered to us was the zucchini pancakes. We kept asking for more because they were so good. I decided to give it a shot and made it for today’s Meatless Monday. Not sure if it tasted just like the restaurant, but pretty darn close. The boys loved it! Strangely, I couldn’t get them to eat zucchini by itself, but paired up with eggs and some sauce, they were clearing the plate left and right. Always great to try out new recipes.img_7075.jpg

Craving for some beef chow fun this week, so made myself some. Of course, this doesn’t taste as good as the one ordered in (good) restaurants. But this is good enough for everyone. My food critics gave me two thumbs and complimented this is better tasting than some restaurants. Thank you!IMG_6948

Garlic noodles pair nicely with seafood, but I substituted tofu with scallops for our meatless Monday meal. Boys love it!IMG_6939

After gutting the pumpkins and extracted the seeds, half of the pumpkin turned into soup and the other half (pureed) will be used for baking. Don’t know what to do with the other pumpkin?

For our meatless Monday meal, we had pumpkin soup (with the seeds)! Added a few pomegranate seeds to give it a little kick, now the entire soup has a new flavor!IMG_6439IMG_6438

Ingredients for the soup (instant pot): 1 medium sized onion (caramelized), half of the pumpkin (cleaned thoroughly-because I painted ours, chopped, skin off, scraped out pulp), carrots, chicken broth. SOUP for 20 minutes. I used an immersion blender to cream everything together.

Whipping up a fun fried cauliflower rice (mixed with fried tofu squares, Chinese broccoli and mushrooms) for tonight’s meatless Monday meal. Threw in the (black cat) onigiri last minute since the boys would appreciate some carbs. IMG_6012