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Every 1st and 15th of the lunar month, I am on a veggie diet (there’s a story behind it). Anyway, my sister also share the same schedule. Today is the first of the month (1st day to Chinese new year), she made a big pot of vegetables (盤菜) and invited us.


This pot is packed with all kinds of good stuff. Though it’s only one pot, but it’s like cooking 10 dishes all at once. I loved it since it’s loaded with all kinds of vegetables and full of flavor. What a great treat!img_5775

Simple dinner tonight. Keeping it light for the big feast this weekend.


This carrot coconut soup warms up the body and makes a great meatless Monday meal!


Here’s another simple meal made with my new toy – insta pot. Took only 30 mins for this whole meal with the meat falling off the bones on the ribs.


Everyone has been raving about the Insta Pot. Two of my sisters have it, and they have been raving about it. So when it went on sale during Black Friday, I placed an order through Mr. Piggy. It came in two weeks and finally I tried using it ribs. This is my second meal using this Insta Pot on a weeknight: oxtail stew. My first time using it was for the ribs (which I didn’t get a chance to take pics of).


How great is it to have such a delicious dinner ready in 30 mins (when I would take hours to make)? I think this new toy is has a permanent spot on the counter.


Using the traditional Chinese simmer method, I tried making the cold cut spiced marinade beef shin for the first time. Had time to marinade it the night before so it was ready by the time we got home. Needs a bit more juice, but the flavor is there.img_4800

This is what we had for meatless Monday! I got the idea from a recent visit to an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. A co-worker ordered the vegetarian spring rolls. I checked out the fillings of the roll and thought ‘hey, this would be perfect for Meatless Monday.’ Of course, the ones at the restaurant tasted better, but this wasn’t so bad either.img_4790img_4794img_4793

Trying out a new recipe today! Winter melon (冬瓜) is a versatile fruit, very delicious made as savory soup. This time I made it to a savory dish with shrimp, mushrooms, dried scallops and snow fungus. It’s healthy and very light. I will definitely try it again.


Our meatless Monday meal tonight is serving lettuce wraps, snow pea with mushrooms and satay beancurd with vermicelli.


Been so busy at work lately that I’m serving simple noodles tonight for dinner. I even made a big ol’ pot hoping to save some for lunch tomorrow. Nope, all gone! Boys are eating machines!