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One pot turmeric chicken over rice for dinner tonight.

I was confused when Evan told me he received a new schedule for his classes today. He got a different history teacher but now ended up with the worst math teacher at the school. The new schedule gave him guitar (which is what I requested besides Spanish) and a good history teacher. When I was contemplating whether to have him keep the new schedule or not, his standardized tests results came in the mail. Last year, Ah Lo had a terrible math/science teacher. The teacher was new (thus inexperienced) and spent most of her time controlling the class, instead of teaching. Parents complained. Help was brought in from the District. Nothing changed. In the end, the students in her class suffered. His math test scores dropped from level 4 (above standard) to level 3 (meeting standard). He needs a strong (or at least a decent) math teacher this year. Obviously, he needs to catch up some work.

I found out more about his new math teacher (in his new schedule). The more I heard, the more I must get him out of there. Yes, even that means to stick with the original schedule with a bad history teacher. So tomorrow, again, I will go talk to his counselor to go back to the original schedule. Though that’s not the best schedule, I have to advocate what’s best for him…to be continued…


Stir fry and some wings for dinner tonight. I had some egg roll wraps and wanted to finish it. So I wrapped it with the garlic chives/eggs/shrimp mixture and pan-fried. As you can see, I didn’t have enough for the entire batch.IMG_5026

My older sister gave us a whole bunch of zucchinis. Of course, one of the best way to enjoy them is making zoodles! IMG_4066I think zoodles are best with avocado pesto! I substituted pine nuts with pistachios. Grilled some chicken thighs, it was divine!IMG_4150

Saw the picture of this dish from a cookbook, but don’t quite remember the recipe. I made it up using similar ingredients – chicken with red onions and red bell peppers. This turns out beautifully and the boys loved it. Ah Lo, of course, didn’t care for the onions. He’s so lucky that I’m “forcing” him to try out different food.IMG_3801

Last Sunday Mr. Piggy’s family went out for dinner. There were tons of leftovers which we finished a bulk of it yesterday. Today, there was still a big box of chicken leftovers. Coincidentally I made some chicken broth over the weekend. So I added the leftover chicken to make Pho Ga.IMG_2898IMG_2899

Dinner tonight took longer than usual because I didn’t get a chance to prep it last night. I meant to make his Hawaiian chicken skewer with couscous only to find out I didn’t have enough. Instead, I use Basmati rice (turmeric for the color) which has always been Ah Lo’s favorite. That’s why he was fighting for the biggest plate on the table.


My nieces invited themselves for dinner tonight (2 out of 3 are on spring break). So I made a little bit more than usual. Everything was gone which is a good sign!IMG_2369

I felt like I spent so much time in the kitchen this weekend, either cooking or prepping for the week. I’m not complaining since I feel very productive! For dinner, I followed Martha Stewart’s one pot chicken with basmati rice recipe. Her recipe called for Swiss chard but I went for spinach instead. The rice came out a bit mushy since I wasn’t following her recipe, plus the excess water from the spinach didn’t help. LOL. Anyway, the taste was there. Will definitely try this again. IMG_E1498

Made some Hainan chicken rice for tonight’s dinner using sous vide. It’s super easy to make with the tool. If you don’t have one, it takes a lot more work, but still worth it. That’s why I’ve never attempted until I had the sous vide. Here’s one that I made last October for the first time.

This round, I chopped it and plated it, even made my own sauce. It was hard for me to chop the bones. Instead I deboned the entire thing. Here I go, spoiling my kids again.IMG_1404

After rubbing the chicken generously with salt, bag it with shallots, garlic, ginger, green scallions and pandan leaves. Pour enough water to cover the chicken. Sous vide at 75º C for 2.5 hours. When done, pour out the water (now, the chicken broth, retain for cooking the rice). Air dry the chicken (as picture below) for 2-3 hours or so. Then you’re all set for a scrumptious delicious meal!

Excited to try out some new recipe tonight – homemade peanut-sesame sauce over egg noodles. The sauce is made with dark soy sauce, regular soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil, sugar, peanut butter and Chinese sesame paste. I also added some grated ginger and minced garlic. It was a huge hit! 

IMG_1357I topped it with some teriyaki chicken. Luckily I made more so boys can have some for lunch tomorrow.IMG_1359