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Couscous, not the boys’ favorite type of pasta, so I must pair it with something they’ll enjoy. The last time I roast a chicken, they loved it so much. Good thing I did that because they cleared the plate!IMG_7087


A simple meal for short Tuesday night (basketball practice and violin lesson). Boys are eating so much these days I might need to make one more dish. IMG_6944

Believe it or not, it’s my first time roasting a chicken! Ha! And it’s so easy to do! I always thought roasting it dries up the meat. Thanks to all my cooking teachers – youtubers for sharing their ideas. My boys loved it so much, they almost ate the bones!IMG_5891

This Thursday is Chong Yang Festival (重陽節 or Double Ninth Festival), so today many families gather to stop by at the cemetery to pay respect to ancestors. This is the first time where there were lion dances at the cemetery. Not sure if they were privately owned or the association organized this? They hop from families to families with firecrackers. We tipped them at the end, but just thought it was a nice gesture. IMG_5784

We normally bring chicken and roast pork, along with oranges, flowers, buns as ‘grave goods.’ My mom always takes the roast pork because that’s what she loves, and I took the chicken home. I shredded and used the bones for the broth. It was delicious and great for a lazy evening when I don’t have to hover around the stove for too much.

Found this honey garlic recipe online, so gave it a try tonight (though I didn’t use the instant pot). Love it’s so simple and yet so flavorful. My sister recently moved into our neighborhood, so it was convenient for her to swing by tonight and join us for dinner. After all, good food is best when it’s shared.IMG_5691

I love one pot meals, especially when it’s got everything in there. I love my dutch oven because I can do so much with it. I love that the boys love the stuff I cook (well, except if I cook with mushrooms, Ah Lo may not think so).IMG_5505

One pot turmeric chicken over rice for dinner tonight.

I was confused when Evan told me he received a new schedule for his classes today. He got a different history teacher but now ended up with the worst math teacher at the school. The new schedule gave him guitar (which is what I requested besides Spanish) and a good history teacher. When I was contemplating whether to have him keep the new schedule or not, his standardized tests results came in the mail. Last year, Ah Lo had a terrible math/science teacher. The teacher was new (thus inexperienced) and spent most of her time controlling the class, instead of teaching. Parents complained. Help was brought in from the District. Nothing changed. In the end, the students in her class suffered. His math test scores dropped from level 4 (above standard) to level 3 (meeting standard). He needs a strong (or at least a decent) math teacher this year. Obviously, he needs to catch up some work.

I found out more about his new math teacher (in his new schedule). The more I heard, the more I must get him out of there. Yes, even that means to stick with the original schedule with a bad history teacher. So tomorrow, again, I will go talk to his counselor to go back to the original schedule. Though that’s not the best schedule, I have to advocate what’s best for him…to be continued…

Stir fry and some wings for dinner tonight. I had some egg roll wraps and wanted to finish it. So I wrapped it with the garlic chives/eggs/shrimp mixture and pan-fried. As you can see, I didn’t have enough for the entire batch.IMG_5026

My older sister gave us a whole bunch of zucchinis. Of course, one of the best way to enjoy them is making zoodles! IMG_4066I think zoodles are best with avocado pesto! I substituted pine nuts with pistachios. Grilled some chicken thighs, it was divine!IMG_4150

Saw the picture of this dish from a cookbook, but don’t quite remember the recipe. I made it up using similar ingredients – chicken with red onions and red bell peppers. This turns out beautifully and the boys loved it. Ah Lo, of course, didn’t care for the onions. He’s so lucky that I’m “forcing” him to try out different food.IMG_3801