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Another simple and satisfying meal filled with the right combination of protein, Vitamin C, and fiber. IMG_8654

When NBA Finals, game 1 is on (Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors), dinner in front of TV is allowed. This means dinner will just be one plate fits all (except I have to make 4 plates)!

Go #WarriorsIMG_7746

Enjoying our lovely flavorful meal tonight – steamed fresh fish, thai basil chicken and string beans with tofu. Making meals with so much flavor, I tend to make extra rice. Sure enough 2 big bowls of rice each!


Busy day for Dai Bee and his music activities today, while Ah Lo is at home with me. Because Ah Lo doesn’t have anything to do, we did things on spontaneity (practicing basketball at the playground and even lap swimming!) Luckily I already have these ingredients at home, so we could enjoy a simple meal at home.IMG_6971

Had lunch with my sisters today at a Vietnamese restaurant. My sisters each ordered a bowl of pho which came with a bundle of basil. One of them didn’t bother putting in the soup, so quickly I grabbed it and thought of using it for tonight’s dinner -Thai basil chicken.

Thai basil chicken is something I’ve always ordered when dining at Thai restaurants. Never knew how easy it is to make and the taste was also amazing! The recipe calls for Thai Holy basil, but since those are hard to find, I substitute with the basil I got from the Vietnamese restaurant. It could be a tad bit spicier (didn’t want to go too far in fear my boys can’t handle the heat). I made a lot more so we can save some for tomorrow’s lunch. There’s so much to play with this recipe I can’t wait to try again.



We have a very hot date tonight – at a gym, that is! Dai Bee’s basketball team made it to championship and it’s happening tonight. If any other night, we would have eaten out. Since tonight is popular night for couples, I decided to whip up something simple. I picked up some groceries during lunch today. This will have to do for our Valentine’s dinner. After dinner, we enjoyed an exciting championship game in which our boys took home the trophy! What a great treat to end the night!


Simple dinner tonight. Keeping it light for the big feast this weekend.


Used my insta pot to make this PHỞ GÀ (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup). With the insta pot, I first made the chicken broth using chicken bones with the 2 large drumsticks. About 30 mins later, I shredded the meat from the drumsticks. This version of Pho takes a lot less time to cook than the beef version, especially with the Insta Pot, but it still tastes amazing.


For cold weathers like tonight, and by popular demand we are having nothing other than clay pot rice! Tonight I am having chicken mushroom and let’s just say, we need a bigger pot.


What supposed to be my lazy day turned out to be a productive day after all. Today is Memorial Day which happens to be Mr. Piggy’s birthday. He has to work (from home) and gave me some time to run errands in the morning. Took the boys to the park in the afternoon and came home to whip out Mr. Piggy’s birthday dinner. We had drumsticks, garlic string beans and shitake mushrooms with brown rice.


What’s a birthday celebration without a birthday cake? Instead of the traditional sweet cake, I made him a fruit cake. Mr. Piggy has met his quota for sweet stuff for the year. He’s lucky to be born in the melon season!! Everything was so so sweet! Happy Birthday, Mr. Piggy.


Top view of the cake: