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This is my first time making pineapple buns (not sure why they are called pineapple buns since it has nothing to do with pineapples). Just for fun, I filled them with BBQ pork. BBQ pork buns was what I had in mind initially, but somehow combined the two. When I first learned to make bread, I thought the recipe for the pineapple buns was too complicated, so I didn’t want to attempt. Now that I’ve baked a bread of two, I decided to give it a try. All of a sudden, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. These were for the boys’ afternoon snack. Glad they saved some for breakfast this morning!


On Fridays when I work from home, I usually squeeze some time to bake for the boys or make dessert for my sisters (when we gather at my mom’s). When the boys come back from school, they’re always hungry, so these fresh baked goodies are perfect!IMG_2922IMG_2949

Went on a baking frenzy this weekend. Because of Ah Lo’s tournament, the team wanted to run a concession stand. I volunteered to bake some cookies. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time, so I baked the cookies with store bought cookie dough (I know, boo). Besides baking 80+ cookies, I made quinoa salad for Mr. Piggy’s grandma, my mom and aunt (who never tried quinoa). Glad they all liked it, at least that’s what they reported.IMG_2670

Again, trying to perfect the pull apart bread (still can’t get parts to stay in place). The softness and fluffiness is there (which I’m super happy about because really, it’s all that matters). I even tried the 3-D baking (for some reason, had a lot of leftover dough left this time around). Obviously, that needs to a bit more work, but it was fun.

Ok, I’m determined to perfect these pull part bread. The first two batches weren’t that successful, so I attempted again. The softness and taste greatly improved, but appearance wise, not exactly what I wanted. For the next few weeks, I will try (and fail) – REPEAT – until I have this down! Nevertheless, these make great breakfast or afternoon snacks for the boys.IMG_2475

This is the first spring break we didn’t go anywhere (because of the boys’ different school schedules). Between Mr. Piggy and I, we took off a day here and there. He also spent some time with his cousins (my sister took the week off for her kids). When Mr. Piggy stayed home with him, there wasn’t much productivity [frown]. Today, I took off and got him 1) to clean his room, 2) to bake and 3) to do his laundry. Of course, he complained! I just had a little more patience than him. I nagged until he gave up and did it. That’s one of the many differences between a mom and a dad.IMG_2450These came out beautifully and just in time for Dai Bee’s afternoon snacks. He scarfed down 3 without much hesitation.IMG_2412

Got up early to make avocado toast with poached egg, something different other than cereal or plain old bread. Something simple like this will cost an arm and a leg at a restaurant. IMG_E1435

My 2nd attempt in making the green onion buns, 1st one lacked the flavor, so I thought to give it another shot. This one was a bit saltier than normal. Will do it again, hopefully third time’s a charm!IMG_9924

My sister gave me a couple loaves of day old bread. They’re hard as a baseball bat. Of course there are other recipes out there for stale old bread. I decided to make bread chips as snacks for the boys. It was a big hit since half of it was gone when when it came out of the oven. IMG_9863IMG_9868IMG_9872With the other loaf of bread, I made croutons with it.

Love love love green onion buns, so meaning to try baking it myself. This batch lacked the green onion flavor. I knew I didn’t have green onions to begin with, but too lazy to get more, so I ended up using whatever I had. I will try again!IMG_9839Boys don’t seem to mind it (they’re not big fans of green onions). IMG_9850

Fresh baked bread right out of the oven. Mr. Piggy was hovering my shoulders this morning waiting for this to come out of the oven. I had to tease him a bit when I took my lovely time to snap a few pictures. These were all gone in one sitting. Not enough to go around for another day.IMG_9748IMG_9751