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Using Insta Pot for my the beef tendons/stew for dinner tonight. Normally this meal would take hours and hours to make (especially tenderizing the beef tendons and brisket). With the instapot, I made this in an hour. IMG_7249

Add some noodles, and we have a complete meal! There was actually enough for lunch tomorrow!IMG_7250

Here’s another simple meal made with my new toy – insta pot. Took only 30 mins for this whole meal with the meat falling off the bones on the ribs.


Used my insta pot to make this PHỞ GÀ (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup). With the insta pot, I first made the chicken broth using chicken bones with the 2 large drumsticks. About 30 mins later, I shredded the meat from the drumsticks. This version of Pho takes a lot less time to cook than the beef version, especially with the Insta Pot, but it still tastes amazing.


Using my favorite pot to make green chinese radish daikon carrot pork soup (紅白青蘿蔔瘦肉湯) today. I’m not too sure if this is the right tool for soup. The flavor was not there. Though convenient, I will not use this pot to make soup.


Everyone has been raving about the Insta Pot. Two of my sisters have it, and they have been raving about it. So when it went on sale during Black Friday, I placed an order through Mr. Piggy. It came in two weeks and finally I tried using it ribs. This is my second meal using this Insta Pot on a weeknight: oxtail stew. My first time using it was for the ribs (which I didn’t get a chance to take pics of).


How great is it to have such a delicious dinner ready in 30 mins (when I would take hours to make)? I think this new toy is has a permanent spot on the counter.